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L.G. Pinkston High School Reviews

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I love everything about pinkston nothing should change about pinkston everybody so nice there and the teacher are cool and they really get to know the students as a person just not as a student and that’s good because some students need that feeling and the principal there is also cool
Overall I had a great experience at Pinkston. I was able to meet new people and make good friends, plus I'm not only graduating with a diploma but I'm also graduating with an associate's degree.
L.G. Pinkston High School includes the collegiate academy which is where I enrolled. The collegiate has prepared me for college and the real world. The teachers and staff were the best. They made sure we understood everything and and made sire no one was left behind. They gave us so many opportunities to volunteer and to have internships.
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Lg pinkston has taught many things over the course of 4 years. In the beginning they prepared me for the future by letting me pick my pathway and putting me in classes that would teach me about them. I was able to participate in mock trials and gain experience of what it's like to be in court. I met different people from many different schools and learned their way of practicing for the trials. My teacher was also a lawyer and he gave us tips on how to write opening statements and etc. I was also able to visit to big law firms twice a week for two months each. The law firms took us on trips to colleges and a federal courthouse. After being with two different law firms we went to the district attorneys office. I met many different judges in different courts and each one told us how they became judges and why. Overall this experience was a great one to have. I am glad i attended Pinkson highschool and was able to get this experience.
My experience in Pinkston itself was okay. The part that I loved was being a collegiate Academy student. The comprehensive side on the other hand, did not have technology, the classrooms were outdated, and the teachers were not all the best. The school itself was old and many of the restrooms did not work. Very limited electives and resources were available. School spirit was non existent and lots of clubs and sports were not funded enough. More attention is given to sports than academics. The arts programs were not given funding. There was little involvement with from the comprehensive parents. On the comprehensive side, homework was not enforced because students “ wouldn’t do it”. The students on the comprehensive did not respect teachers. There were only a few comprehensive teachers that did their job well and truly cared for their students. My rating is simply based on the school and not the collegiate academy from which I have no complaints.
The collegiate academy is the best out there. The teachers and staff do they nest to keep their students on track! I love the college experience at El Centro College. I am comfortable and never would regret choosing Pinkston Preparatory Collegiate Academy
- Class of 2020
A lot of work , helpful , a lot of sports and opportunities , fun ,trips , after school tutoring , if your behind they help you get back on track and catch up the sports make sure your grades are good
I found the the teachers really want to build a relationship with you. Most of the staff is friendly and polite. I found it interesting how the teachers are interested in your extra curricular activities and enjoy to support the students.
I have gone to L.G. PInkston for 3 years. My experience was not bad or the great. Things changed as the years went on and things got better. Most of the teacher are pretty fair in grading and discipline. They are a school who care and pays close attention to the lives the students and tries to keep the homework load low for all students. There a collegiate academy with options of working towards your associates while still in high school. The major down fall for the school is the lack of diversity. Majority of the school if not the whole student body is either African american or Latino.
been there since my freshman year and the school is alright kids always walking around hallways during class i enjoyed my time their the teachers are great and they really helped m learned through out my 4 years of being there
Great experience! Great teachers! Lots of interactive lessons. Not much school culture but a great experience.
My experience at LG Pinkston High School has been overall good. Nothing has really happened that's out of the ordinary at my high school. Our academics are decently good. We have extraordinary children here. We only plan to get better.
The school is great, the teachers are great and well-connected with their students. The environment is good and it is easy to get from Point A to Point B in the building.
My experience with this school has been a rollercoaster. It’s also been good to me. I’ve learned many new things and it’s helped me become more of myself. My teachers have helped and taught me many things that I appreciate them for.
I like that they have great teachers, however the classrooms and the building itself is not very presentable. I believe they could make it better by remodeling the school, however there are not enough funds to do this.
Pinkston will always be in my favorite memories because it helps me with college readiness. The teachers are my favorite honestly they taught me the most and i appreciate them the most for helping me when i needed them the most.
L.G Pinkston is a good school i been here for all my 4 years of high school the teacher are fun and playing sport for this school fun the only thing that sucks is the food
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I like that it’s chill. Sometimes too much goes on but I haven’t had a problem yet. The food is good as far as I like it.
L. G. Pinkston has thought me a lot of things and is still teaching a lot about my learning. Coming here to Pinkston has taught me a lot about my education and how its very important. Well at this school i have a class that's preparing me for college and it has really helped me apply to colleges and learn new things that other teachers haven't taught me.
The best thing about Pinkston is the college readiness class because it really does help a lot in what I want to do later in life. For me I want to be an architect because its my pathway but i also have knowledge of the basics of interior design. I know that I will use the information that I got from this school to my advantage and get an internship in an architecture firm; which is my goal.
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