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Its okay, don't expect so much. Food terrible, teacher is average. Academic here are just average in general. Nothing too awful or too good about the school. Everyone is just trying to go with there day. Again nothing remarkable about our sports. Maybe track and basketball but that's it. Those are the only sports that the school excel in. Comparing this school to others. You're probably better going to north Davidson. But hey at least we're better then Thomasville.
A lot of bias is demonstrated by members of staff beginning with leadership, and some teachers could also be labeled as bullies. I don't want to rate all teachers in this category, but leadership and counselors could use training on diversity and compassionate care.
The people are typically very nice and most of the teachers are good at their jobs, the administration isn’t the best but other than that I’ve had a good experience at the school.
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Most of the teachers are really great. The administration is lacking support for student success so long as they graduate.
Lexington Senior High School is a poor quality school. The students, teachers, and administrators do not care what happens in regards to education. I was never a bad student but at one point made poor grades, instead of helpful insight all I was told was to just drop out and get pregnant and that I would be lucky to get into college. Now I am graduating with a Bachelors and going to law school.
I've been in Lexington Senior High School since freshman year and I always enjoyed attending this school. If I haven't attended this school then I wouldn't have grown up to be who I am today.
I was challenged in my core classes, but the electives were relatively easy for me, that may not be every one else's experience but that's mine.
At Lexington Senior High School i learned that the football players and basketball players get everything and that they can fail 3/4 of there classes and still play in the game. They get all of the recognition and get special privileges but if you can get past that it’s not that bad.
I liked Lexington Senior High School because the staff there was one of best I had ever been to in my opinion. They worked endlessly to see there students grow and realize there own potential. I’d like to see the administration take more action in college preparation for the students.
Lexington Senior High School is an amazing place. The staff is great and you can tell they care about all of their students.
My experience at Lexington Senior High was good. My teachers really cared about my academic career. I had no problems going to most of them voicing my concerns.
Overall, this school was amazing but even though it has cons but the pros outweigh them. This school shares a bunch of diversity and students that are willing to learn. This school has tons of resources and tools to help me succeed towards the next level (college). The staff department is solid and have a great organization among the staff. But if you want to send your child to a school, I would definitely would consider Lexington Senior High.
loved it. administration wasn’t the best and neither were the teachers but the school was very diverse and you felt very welcomed there
The best thing about LSHS is the diversity of its students. Being around people of several different cultures has definitely helped me become open minded and branch out. It has also helped me embrace what makes me different and appreciate what makes up our individual cultures. Despite the lack of adequate support (i.e. good textbooks and resources for teachers), my experience at LSHS has been amazing. I've met many great people and teachers who have supported me even when I didn't believe in myself.
Nice School but coming from a family from where we have very limited resources it is sometimes hard for me to get things, however Lexington makes it very easy for me not to worry about money problems since they help me find whatever it is I need to be more comfortable whether it be getting something from school supplies to a prom dress, the community is very well involved and pride is taken in helping students reach the goal they wish to obtain. The programs all work together for the students wellness whether it be emotionally or if you need a little help in class.
I really liked that teachers helped you out and you can stay after school for help. I would like to see a change in smod and the school lunches.
If I had to choose between graduating at Lexington Senior High School versus any other school i'd choose Lexington. My school has many helpful and caring teachers and programs that will help students get to the next level. No matter what our principal, Mrs. Curry, will always lend a helping hand and do the best that she can for you. When it was cold outside and I showed up to school without a coat she called me to her office. I thought i was in trouble for being out of dress code, but instead she had another administrator take me to another office to pick out a coat from a pile. I will forever be grateful and i'm proud to be graduating from Lexington this year.
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The main thing i like about Lexington Senior High school is the diversity. This school is home to various different tyoes of people, it not too big so everyone knows everyone. It has been my home for the past four years and it has been quite the ride. The teachers are great, they have all helped me become who I am today and the staff as a whole is great. I believe that adding new courses for students such as language classes or simply classes that will benefit the students more would be extremely helpful. The more choices the students have the better they can find their career path.
My experience at Lexington Senior High School has been the best four years of my life and I wouldn't trade that school for anything because we have the best teachers and the best Administration that help you through things and when you don't understand stuff they will help you understand it and all kind of ways and that we are very friendly and Conley school and we get along with each other and we always be excited to go to class and learn so that when we graduate and we're off to college we know what we need to know and how to succeed in college and how to get us prepared for college.
My experience is pretty good but like any other it has improvements that need to be made. Lexington senior high is one of the most diverse schools I have ever seen that being said most of the cultures stay to them self.
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