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I love my time at Lexington. It's like family. There is no drama like at other high schools. The teachers are great and I love playing softball for the school.
I am now a student at one of the top ranking universities in the southeast. The culture and community of Lexington have shaped the school over the years. I was enrolled K-12 at this school and wouldn't have gone anywhere else, if given the option. You may notice that I gave my Alma Mater 1 star on diversity. This reflects on Lexington's ethnic diversity, not the diversity of the people. With small class sizes, the students are allowed to interact with the teachers directly and get help easily when needed. All departments are adequate, or more so, in preparing you for a college education.
I am a junior at Lexington High School of Alabama. The family feeling here is amazing, but the academics is honestly terrible. I feel as though I have not been taught any of the subjects I am in. There are a few teachers who are incredible and care about the kids, but most of them are not concerned about anything regarding the children they teach. The administrators have honestly caused chaos and disorganization. Sports is held in high favor over academics or the arts.
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Everyone is great there. All the teachers really care about your well-being and your college readiness. All the students are really nice and caring.
I moved here in the second grade and loved it from the moment I started. The faculty and staff are awesome and helpful. The teachers really want to prepare you for your future and I really like that. They also have some awesome sports opportunities as well.
I loved, and still love my time at Lexington. The teachers are nice, caring, and will work with us if we are struggling in a subject. It also helps that this is a smaller school where everyone knows each other. I would describe it as a community were we look out for and care about each other. The only change I would make to the school if I could, would be to build a better track around the football field. I only picked this because as a runner I care about what my team and I run on.
I love going to Lexington school. The students are generally friendly to one another and the teachers are excellent. They make sure what is being taught is understood. I really loved the atmosphere of the school and while there are things they could improve on, (more music and art involvement) this school is a wonderful place!
Lexington has good academics considering it's in the boonies. The amount of advanced classes are impressive and the teachers are excellent. There is a huge lack of diversity in the school and its electives and there is the typical emphasis on sports seen in small schools. Athletics are well-supported in the community and receive good funding for the size of the program. Clubs are small and usually joined to put on a resume. Parents are heavily involved (sometimes too much) in school events and are well-connected with teachers due to everyone being either related to each other or attending church together. Facilities are as well-kept as they can expect to be for their age, although the fine arts facilities are woefully undersized. The school is very safe (having just earned a SRO who is very diligent about his job). Overall, it is an intelligent school and prepares its students well for the world after high school.
I believe that this school has plenty of classes for students to take, and plenty of teachers who teach effectively.
The teachers show plenty of effort in order to provide their students with plenty of knowledge.
Personally I feel safe in the school other than the occasional person making threats and such. The facility is very good at taking care of any threats or potential threats before they have time to become a real threat. The school also has locks on the doors so people can't just walk into the school anymore, that makes me feel a lot safer.

I have migraine issues and I have to take medication for it so I keep some in the nurse's office, she is super friendly and she tries to make things as easy as possible,and she does, she's really good at her job.
Our school has amazing opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular opportunities, though the "clubs" themselves might not be equally treated. The football team is the most favoured team, getting most of the funding and new equipment most often. Next is the volleyball team. On the bottom of the list though, even though it has more people in it than the football team, is the band.

We all have a lot have fun even though some sports are liked more, we all stick to it though and we know we do great.
I enjoy coming to school here, the people are nice, the teachers too. Most everyone gets along here and there's minimum disagreements in Lexington. I've made a lot of good friends that I wouldn't trade for anything, friends that I trust with everything I have, a boyfriend who treats me like a princess, the people here are amazing.

The only problem I have is it's a strong religion based community so the school is as well. I feel a little pushed to attend church sometimes. This community is also very "sporty". I enjoy going to football games, but I am in the band so I play at half time. The other sports like attention.
I feel very safe at school.
There are not enough art/music activities.
The school is very welcoming and inviting.
The teachers are very well trained and hardworking.
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We have one school nurse. And we have two counselors: one for high school, one for elementary. The only reason Lexington is safe is because there is no one who would want to hurt the school. We have one police officer monitoring speed, and that's all. We've had a total of three locker searches, and those were only because the administration was tipped.
As soon as 3:30 hits, there is no one at school. No students, no teachers. During their correlating seasons, there may be some football practice, or maybe cross country, but that's it.
My school is okay, but if you don't wear cowboy boots at least three times a week, you don't fit in. I am from Memphis, and I have never owned boots. I have a very small group of acquaintances, and I'm happy with knowing they are the elite of Lexington. However, I also have the option to raise my voice for the betterment of the school. Although it is not accepted on good terms with some of the administration, I always have the school behind me. Currently, I am starting a debate team in order to expand our options for school involvement. I have chosen to allow the top three oldest grades to participate, with around seventy students per grade. Out of this, I have approximately twenty applications already turned in. I am happy to say that I believe this will be a success.
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