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Lexington Montessori School Reviews

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Extraordinary teachers and administrators, beautiful campus, 19 acres of woods and wetlands now available for outdoor education, home to Montessori training and a free “Horizons” summer school.
At Lexington Montessori School, the caring and well-trained faculty lead their classes brilliantly. The faculty and administration work together quite well, and this makes for a very positive work environment. My three children come to this school each day each with a plan and a purpose and a smile and are met by trusted teachers who nurture them to become their best. Such positive energy makes for a top-notch learning environment, academically challenging as well as socially and emotionally nurturing. What a package!
Montessori education is a deep and powerful educational philosophy for the whole child. Lexington Montessori School embodies this philosophy completely through the living mindfulness meditation of its administration and teachers who are impassioned and dedicated to making the world a better place by cultivating the native openness and intelligence of our children as they build themselves to their fullest potential. With learning rooted in care for themselves, each other, and the environment, an LMS education is a vision for a brighter world for the next generation.
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I love the way my daughters are taught to be confident, kind and creative. The teachers clearly love the students and the work they chose. The school environment is beautiful and unique due to the gardening program and time in the 19 acres for nature walks. We love that our daughters are exposed to a diverse community and learn about the many cultures represented by their classmates. The location is convenient for commuting but still feels set apart from the city and surrounding suburbs. We love LMS and feel lucky to be a part of this community.
This is a real community where you feel valued and accepted no matter who you are. It's a supportive and nurturing environment fostered by the faculty, staff, parents, and students themselves.
Our children have been attending LMS since they were toddlers. They LOVE school. They are happy to be with their teachers, specialists and friends and enjoy the learning environment that LMS provides.
The community at LMS is fantastic! The diverse Faculty, Staff and student body is amazing. I never think of my job as work - I love coming to LMS and I love what we all collaboratively do here in our hope for world peace and justice.
Teachers and administrative staff are friendly and professional. Lots of room for parent involvement
I couldn't be more impressed with the highly organized administration and the school's exceptional focus on outdoor education and developmentally appropriate practices.
We are so glad that our friends told us about Lexington Montessori School! It's been really incredible for our kids (and for us as parents). The student/teacher ratio is great, and I feel like the whole staff (both inside and outside of the immediate classroom) really know my kids as individuals. I love how challenging the curriculum is - my kindergartener does subtraction in his head and worked on multiplication and division this year, thanks to the Montessori approach! And my 2nd grader worked on a design engineering project in the 19 acre woodland "nature classroom" that the school owns. And yet, my kids think that learning is fun, and actively look forward to going to school.
My sons both attended a Montessori preschool, and after a challenging first grade year at our public school, we decided to make a change. LMS provides a warm, caring environment were children learn a wide range of practical life and academic skills, with a special emphasis on social and emotional development. LMS allows kids to be kids - to explore what interest them, to play, to negotiate relationships and problem solve cooperatively. It recognizes that children are capable, curious and eager to be seen as productive and important members of their community.
Lexington Montessori School is a leading Montessori school in the Northeast, both for the student education as well as a teacher training site.
Diverse age range, focus on logic and independent thinking, environmental and social awareness. Encourages growth of a well rounded individual who can go out into the world with courage, confidence and a kindness of spirit.
LMS is a very special place where children thrive. They become integral parts of a vibrant, diverse community; gain independence, knowledge, and critical thinking skills; and are celebrated for their individuality and creativity. Each of my two very different children have flourished at LMS.
Wonderful community: warm, caring, open, out-of-box thinkers, entrepreneurial. Great teachers. Terrific campus including just-purchased adjacent 19 acres of woods and wetlands.
LMS is a warm, welcoming school that truly cares about its students. The teachers believe in the Montessori philosophy and are committed to helping children reach their full potential.
My child has been at the Lexington Montessori School for two years and we (mother, father, child ) all love it.
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The strong focus on kids' independence is fantastic; after three years in the school, we couldn't be happier with how our daughter has grown. The environment is very high-energy, too. Good things get done.
We love the culture of the school, the anti-bias curriculum, the diversity, the wonderful teachers and administration and the parent community. My daughter loves going to school every day and feels like her classmates and teachers are part of her extended family. The Montessori philosophy gives my daughter a love of learning that will last her lifetime.
LMS has a wonderful, caring community that allows my child to feel nurtured and safe. The teachers we have had there over the past 4 years are highly skilled, intelligent and resourceful educators. We made the decision to invest in this school for our child because it was the best choice for his learning style. No regrets...
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