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Lexington Middle School Reviews

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I had amazing memories at Lexington it changed me as a person and made me look at life differently it showed me how to prepare for highschool and how easy it was now until you get to highschool and to have fun while your there It was so much fun at the pep rally in class and playing in a band the best middle school time I would ever have
I loved my time at Lexington. It wasn’t even that the teachers were super amazing or anything like that, but the school had such an amazing sense of community. I never saw any bullying and really everyone was super friendly. Overall it was an amazing middle school experience. One thing I wish they would do is have more after school dances.
Lexington Middle School has great academic teachers and the best, most amazing Exploratory teachers in the district. The Arts program is equal to or better than the one at a neighboring school. Culinary Arts and Technology Education (with a woodshop) are also unique to the school.
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Lexington Middle School has a great environment. The academics are amazing, and the staff really helps the students.
There wasn't a lot of peer pressure. If everyone was doing something, not many people judged you for not doing it, and nobody would force you. As long as you were nice to everyone, people accepted you for the most part. We had a great balance with ethnic/racial diversity, and no one was looked down because of it.
The quality went down over the years. The cafeteria was always very clean, and there was always staff around to make sure that nothing ever got out of hand. There were five lines, so there were over ten options per day. The value was great. There were salads, but other than that there weren't that many healthy food options. The snacks were plentiful and full of variety.
No major bullying. Drug sweeps often.
Prepared me for high school.
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