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Lexington Junior High School Reviews

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For the time I was there, I learned that the school is very secure.
They aren't many clubs at the school that I know of since I wasn't really an active participant. But I do know of some after school activities which were available. The students who attended spread word on how fun it is and very well time spent.
At this school, I would say I had a good experience. I met new people, I learned new things, and I started to realize details about myself. During those years, people will question everything. Luckily, there was nothing negative in the back of my mind. I always found the bright side of everything I did. This school brought many good memories for all students, including myself. If I could go back, I would definitely want to relive the whole experience again.
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The teachers at my Junior High School taught with compassion and were very approachable. They would explain everything with thorough detail which helped students understand the lesson plan. The students could ask questions without worry knowing the teachers would help them in every way they can.
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