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My experience at Lexington High School was a roller coaster. It was good for me though. I learned a lot of new material and met many people. I've been here since the end of 6th grade and school has been nothing but good to me. I feel prepared to take on college and use what i've learned to further my education.
Overall this school is above average, with many engaging teachers and staff. Though t is lacking many of the more modern features of other schools, but this is more due to a lack of funding instead of a lack of competency.
Sports - Cheer and Tennis
Clubs/Activities - Advanced
Small Town Community
Parent Involvement
College Courses Available
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My experience at Lexington high school was a typical one. It was like all small town high schools, it allowed for everyone to be able to participate in sports, academic activities, and other things.
My school is fairly low funded. I’d like to see more regards to the environment in my school. A better atmosphere towards college and just becoming an adult in general. More options in the lunch room that are better tasting and better for you. Respect from all teachers and staff. And that should be reflected back by the students. I’d like to see more behavior focused teaching (respect, toleration, etc.) it’s a good school, but could be great if a few key changes were made.
I would like to see more classes that envolve plathways kids want to take. Overall, Lexington is a small school where everyone knows eachother and that’s what I like best about it.
Lexington High School is a fun and educational place for any student. The teachers are very helpful in preparing students for college, and get involved in making school a better experience for each student. Our staff is constantly coming up with new way/ideas to make the campus funnier. There is always events happening for the students. Additionally, the parents are very good at involving themselves with events and volunteering. Lexington overall is a safe campus to be apart.
Lexington High School is a small 2A school. The administration is very lazy and if you don't have a last name that no one knows, then you will always be the one at fault or never being able to join their sport activities. Favoritism is very popular at that school. You could do one thing wrong and it just be once and you would get into a lot of trouble, but if you are one of the favorites no worries you won't ever be getting into trouble.
Lexington High School may not be the most popular or the most populated school but along with its dedicated educators and generous staff I was able to get the one on one attention I needed to get to this point in my education and career.
Lexington High School is a rather small school. Although it is small, the spirit of this school is quiet large. The atmosphere is very friendly and this makes learning easy and fun! The staff has everyone's best interest at heart and longs for everyone to succeed. In conclusion, Lexington High School is a wonderful school full of wonderful people.
About half of the teachers are coaches, so they really don't care. The rest are fair to middling.
We live in a very rural area, so there is not much.
There are a few clubs, but most are unfunded and all are run by the same students. Only the preppy kids of the school are in any of the clubs, and they're constantly fundraising. There's no variety, and almost no clubs have any funding.
A lot of the students behave poorly, and many of the teachers try to be our friends rather than our teachers.
There are a few teachers that I really like, and I know really like me. These teachers and I get along great, especially since the majority of the ones I enjoy are actually really good teachers. Some really just don't try, though. They don't even bother to teach, they just hand out work, and there is no lesson. We are just expected to do exercises of of their textbook and take tests. All in all, not a great learning environment. I could easily teach half of the classes, if not more.
The teachers strive to teach you as much as you can learn before beginning college, but I did not have as solid as a foundation as my peers in college. Which just means you have to work a little harder to catch up!
Coaches don't teach very well, they usually just hand you papers and tell you it's due, they don't explain. The only thing good about this school is social relationship with my friends, and how I've grown up with them over the years being here.
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Teacher do not care about your education.
Everyone pretty much gets along with everyone. There are very few cliques.
It is easy to get your schedule worked and the work load is fairly small, but they do not have many classes to offer at all.
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