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Lexington High School is an astounding school. I went there all 4 years and have received a great education. I walked in to high school thinking I would go to college to study to become a teacher. Not that there is anything wrong with teaching, I found out that it was not for me. I am going to be studying Social Work when I do reach college.

At first, when I started high school, I was a shy girl that stayed to herself mainly, but now, I have grown to be outgoing. I am not scared to stand in front of people, talk to new faces, and just be silly at times.
I enjoy the community feel of the school. It is large enough to offer a diverse and varied student body while also allowing for close relationships among students. Furthermore, I have always appreciated the teachers that always volunteer their time and are willing to help however they can.
Lexington High School was the perfect school for me academically. The teachers are very supportive and actually want to see you succeed. The staff is also very nice and kindhearted. LHS also offers many clubs ranging from Future Business Leaders of America to Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I am a part of numerous clubs and sports teams at LHS and I have loved every aspect of them. The coaches are super supportive and really great mentors for teens. I believe that in the future there will be even more diversity than there is. Out of my 4 years of experience, I have learned life skills that will help me with college and my adult life after graduating college.
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I have enjoyed the four years I have spent here, all of the teachers I’ve had have been friendly and eager for their students to learn. I recall my freshman honors English teacher and my Math teacher being two of the most influential women as far as my education goes, they helped me excel in these subjects and it has helped me tremendously in college. LHS has excellent honors classes and numerous opportunities for juniors and seniors to take dual credits so that they may get a head start when going to college. The faculty and staff does an exceptional job of keeping everything neat and organized and you can tell most teachers care a great deal about the students. It’s a comfortable environment and I will definitely look back on these times as a high school student.
I am a junior at LHS, and while I have had a rather decent experience there, I would have moved across state in a heartbeat had it been possible. My sophomore year was horrible because I got stuck with a semester of back to back honors classes, which couldn't be changed even after I got harrassed by a teacher. After antidepressants, I was able to function for the second semester. There are many incredible, loving teachers, though, and they make the whole ordeal worth it. I would honestly credit them for my sanity at this point. The food is okay most days. The staff is kind and they really seem to care about each student. The principal is halfway decent. The bathrooms in the new building are dilapidated and mostly broken, while the old building bathrooms are clean and functioning. Overall, the school is fine. I would reccomend it for parents who need a cheap, decent place to send their kids.
Communication can be improved upon, but overall a great school. Most of the teachers get their jobs done. There are several programs of study to choose from.
I like the programs and class choices at LHS, but it would be nice if we could have more than one business teacher and if we had a theology class
I transferred to Lexington High my junior year, I am currently a senior now. My experience here has been quite different from most others as I am a transfer. I had a slow start here attempting to fit in and find my groove but as of now I am beyond that point and doing better then ever. I’ve found much success both in the classroom and on the Football field. This school has shown me many new things and allowed me to do many unique things that I shall never forget.
The school is full of drama which turns the student's heads away from their academics. The teachers are sometimes just there for the money than the education of our future leaders.
I've spent 4 incredible years of my life at LHS. The teachers are fantastic and try to push each student to their full potential no matter what the case is. It is truly a great place to gain an education.
I immensely enjoyed my four years at Lexington High School. I am proud to be a Big Red Tiger and I always will be. The faculty is wonderful. My teachers have mentored me as if I was their own. The classes were advanced for a West Tennessee school, but I expected more rigorous courses. The school has an rich history steeped in tradition and pride that adds so much to the learning experience. My only con is the allowance of students taking dual enrollment classes off campus or online. I believe it would be more beneficial to have these classes at the school so students have a teacher to hold them responsible for their classes.
It's a good school. I like how the teachers can be reached by email. Most of the teachers care for the kids as if their own. I would like to see a Chorus class offered.
Overall it was a very good experience lacking the small town issues that go along with who you know and how much money you have.
Its okay they just seem to care more about sports aka football
Its okay just not a school that prepares you for college like they should.
It's okay of a school
This school has its ups and downs.
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There is a police officer at the school pretty much 24/7, and the school is very good at handling dangerous situations and preparing for them.
The types of extracurricular clubs offered at LHS are ROTC, Renaissance, HOSA, BETA, and Art club. The reason I rated them 3/5 is for the fact that in many you only do a couple of things a year, and aren't really involved.
I would one hundred percent choose Lexington High School again if I had a do over. There are many aspects that play into this some being the teachers for the most part are very attentive in helping students understand, and another is I love the basketball program of which I am apart of. Overall LHS is a great school to go to.
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