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My experience so far has been pretty good. I liked the nice teachers who helped me out when I needed it. The things I want changed are checking more students bags. Some carry dangerous things, illegal things that could possibly harm the students. Also renovation; the colors inside the school like the flooring and paint are very dull and boring.
As a junior attending Lexington Highschool, I participate in clubs, athletics, and multiple AP courses. Although sometimes it is stressful to keep up with, I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by teachers, administrators, and coaches who strive for my academic success and support me.LHS does an excellent job when it comes to offering clubs and opportunities to be involved in the school and community. My favorite class offered is the projet unified pe class, taught by athletic coaches at the school, this class allows for students to be unified partners with students that have disabilities and special needs. However, this course is only offered to juniors and seniors. This course allows one to create friendships and bonds with the special needs students of our school and without this class, it would have been much more difficult to do so. I think that one thing Lexington could improve is to open up this course to all grade levels and allow this opportunity for all students.
What I liked about Lexington High School is how involved the teachers are with their students and how so many people care for others in their community. Everyone is treated with respect and I love the atmosphere.
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The school atmosphere is great. People are mostly nice. Not many bad things happen at Lexington High. I wish there were more activities or clubs that involved cool skills. It's a normal school nothing too exciting but great academics.
During my 4 years ay Lexington, I really enjoyed my time. I love the diversity, that this school has offered me. Being, when I attend college. I will already have that experience. In my elementary days, my school wasn't as diverse as Lexington High. The teachers are very caring. The principals and guidance counselors are very helpful.
Overall my experience as a student there was full of highs and lows. The food was terrible, the administration was not very understanding and wrote up students without much evidence or need to write up student. Strict dress code and very vigorous courses. But overall with all of that said is a very good school academically. definitely doesn't have a flexible school schedule like Riverbluff high school but is definitely preparing students for college with their demands of having students actually put in effort into what they do. Also, the school as for student body is predominately white and needs more diversity in the school.
I liked my experience overall at Lexington High School, but there are some areas that need improvement. Information is hard to get at this high school, and communication would take a very low score. To an outsider or first-timer, it can be really hard to adjust with all the disconnections in communication and information in this school. As a transfer, I never knew what I was doing or where I needed to be. Even in my senior year, I never really knew what was going on, and was confused in many areas. Sometimes emails don't arrive for important activities, and other times, information just isn't given to all students. However, the teaching staff I encountered at the honors and dual-enrollment levels were fantastic. It is a very clean and safe school that pushes its students to do their very best, and are extremely willing to help if they aren't. The guidance counselors are great, especially at college and career planning, and the administration is actually involved in the school.
This school is awesome. Such a good learning atmosphere and people. I have attended since freshman year and would not change a thing. Although the schedule is fast paced and requires you to get your work done without procrastination, definitely doable.
I like the way that Lexington High School works. They do the best with what they are given or earned, and help students become functioning young adults who are ready for college or the work force. The sports are very active and thriving, and the arts are well represented with concerts, competitions, and shows. Most of the teachers are very good at teaching and are kind to their students. However, I did have about 4 teachers who constantly expressed their dislike towards their job and did not help us get good grades. Besides that, I really enjoyed attending LHS. The International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs were amazing, as well as the Job-Shadowing, Nurse Clinical, and Traveling systems. Also, Lexington High School has an adjacent Technology Center where students get hands on experiences in real-world jobs, like Firefighting, Nursing, Culinary Arts, Computer Programming, Mechanical Repair, Graphic Design, and more.
It was overall okay. The academics for the most part were good, especially the AP classes, but every math class (with the exception of prob and stats and geometry) was very difficult because the teachers were not helpful. It was like they did not really care about our understanding of the content. My favorite part would probably have to be the clubs/ activities because that is where I had the most fun. Extracurriculars and clubs are where I felt I got my high school experience. They are where I felt the least pressured and stressed and were a good place to escape from the stress of the future and school.
I like how Lexington High Schools teachers teach their units together in each department. I also appreciate the amount of safety precautions taken in the school however, I would like to see a change in discipline, and what I mean by this is instead of punishing everyone based on one persons actions, punish the person actually doing something wrong. The food also has a lack of flavor or salt and there are no salt/pepper packages for the students to season their food themselves.
I enjoy the schedule. You have four classes per semester, so while the classes are done at a faster pace than normal, you aren't overloaded by content from several different classes at once.
i went to lexington high school all four years and i loved it. i got to take an abundance of electives and health science classes that i loved all while getting the basic classes done. i loved seeing my friends everyday and the amazing teachers
It is a school that has a lot of students. It is a very diverse school and the teachers try to make everyone feel welcomed.
Was a fun and great experience, the tech center allowed me to peruse many different career ideas and opportunities
Lexington High School is a great environment to cultivate learning and an ability to grow. They have wonderful programs in academics, arts, sports, and clubs that are readily available to all students.
The only thing I would like to see change is the flexibility and freedom given to the students. The schedules are very strict with not much room for change. For example, I was forced to take many hard classes my senior year in order to retain my GPA and class rank despite having plenty of credits. I would propose having a free block for such students who have demonstrated hard work and academic excellence.
In addition, I appreciate the devotion to safety at our school, but the regiment is typically classroom oriented and I would appreciate the opportunity to go outside more and have a change in scenery instead of the regular classroom walls.
But despite all this, I appreciate and trust all the staff at my high school for their hard work and support for my success.
My overall experience with Lexington High School was pretty good. The academics are great, the teachers want you to be engaged with various activities. There's many clubs you can be a part of or you can even create your own club if you don't see one that suits you. The food could be better, it's not the best. The arts at the school are very active. Sports at Lexington High School are big and competitive.
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The academics were great, many of my teachers provided me with well-rounded high school education. I participated in JROTC which was a big commitment, driving me to enlist in the US Army.
Lexington High School, so far, has been a great school to go to. As I enter my senior year this fall, I feel prepared for college with the help I have gained from parents, teachers, and my peers.
I like my school with its nice teachers who care about you and help you suceed and the other students who work together to help each other out. One thing I would like the school to improve on it their care torward cleanliness towards the summer break.
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