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Lexington makes their students feel at home. The set up classes makes it easier for students to be more involved and participate in extracurricular activities more. I enjoyed Lexington because the teachers treat you like family and most of them have known you since you started there.
Truthfully, Lexington High School has a lot to change. A majority of my classes are blow off classes, and a lot of the things i’ve learned are things I have taught myself. However, there are nice things about it.
There isn’t a lot of advanced classes to help with college preparatory. Most of the school is aimed at promoting athletes and there isn’t much encouragement for academic excellence.
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I moved to Lexington my sophomore year. I started going to Lex to get away from bullying at my old school and I must say It was a great choice. At Lexington there is little to no bullying at all. The students and teachers are all kind and respectful to everyone.
I have gone to the Lexington Public Schools since kindergarten. Both the classes and extracurriculars are lacking in diversity. The only available classes are ones required by the state, and there are no options for Honors or AP classes. There are only a few extracurriculars, being marching band, choir, a sport, and FCCLA. The teachers range from good to terrible. While there are a few good teachers that teach the subject well and care about their students, there are also teachers who teach poorly or not at all. All the textbooks are outdated and falling apart. Some of the older buildings are falling apart, and one is completely unusable due to mold and mildew. Overall I believe the school is really just terribly low on fundings and focuses too much on football than the actual quality of learning.
Last year we got Mr Mclain.... Blah! We really need better than Dibble rejects and Noble leftovers to run our school's and this district. Mrs. Bass was fired from Noble and unlucky Lexington gets to watch while she sends this district down the tubes. Purcells superintendent makes way less money and has three times the children in their district. This place has gotten so much worse instead of better. I feel for the children here. Bullying here is a lot worse. The little drug heads that openly deal in the hallways, oddly get off for fighting instead of drug dealing or it never leaves Lexington police department... Some of these people ARE over 18! Sad what lex has become.
It was fine for a High School, and considering other stories I've heard about High School, it is doing better than most.
I loved attending Lexington High School. Everyday was something new and exciting. The teachers and staff was willing to help you succeed in your academics as well as being very supportive. There was not one teacher who did not want to see a student fail. Lexington is a small town school, which meant meeting people and creating a new friendships was very easy. Lexington High School is place that I would highly recommend for students who are trying to find a great school to fit into.
It was probably the friendliest school atmosphere you can find. Everybody knows everybody and the teachers care about the students. It is easy to be involved and feel very at home.
I really like Lexington schools because of the people that go here. Everyone is a family at this school. If one person fails at something, we all do. Lexington is a very close community with great people.
This school is the only school I've ever gone to; which I feel is a good thing. My school is very small, so everyone knows everybody. Most of us at my school have known each other since kindergarten, so we are all pretty close and will help each other out with most stuff. All the students get to have a close relationship with their teachers, which is very important to me. Whenever we might need some help we can always count on our teachers to give us that extra help. Since our school is so small we don't have as much electives or AP classes as some of the bigger schools might have; other than that I enjoy my school
I feel like my high school could have better prepared me for the "real world".
Nothing serious goes on at the school a whole lot but when something does happen the police are just a couple minutes away.
I didn't go to the cafeteria but when I did I disliked it.
A lot of the students get away with many things including bullying, attendance, and violating the dress code.
Most teachers care very little while only a handful of them actually want us to learn something.
I myself don't take part in many sporting events.
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There could be more of a variety extracurricular opportunities.
Everyone thinks their high school is the best.
I think all together cooks don't prepare it the best they can.
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