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I have had a good four years at Lexington. I would love to see more arts added to our school. I would also love to see more prep assembly’s. thank
My experience at Lexington High School was what I would assume to be pretty average. I enjoyed my experience because of the small town feel and knowing pretty much everyone. Being part of the community, the village is very centered around our athletic teams. From a student perspective, majority of my teachers gave me a good experience. There is a lot of drama because of the small community and word gets around, however there's drama wherever you go. Getting involved in sports and clubs is what made my experience at LHS great!
All of my teachers at Lexington were fantastic. They provided me with so many great academic opportunities and guidance for my future endeavors. However, the facilities are pretty old and run-down.
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I love Lexington High School. All my teachers have done a great job of preparing my peers and I for college. The academic atmosphere is challenging but rewarding.
I have attended Lexington since kindergarten and have had a wonderful experience. They have helped me get prepared for college and the application process. I was very lost in the beginning but the teachers and the counselors there helped me. The college prep courses and the CCP program especially helped me prepare myself for what is to come in the future. And also as someone of color, I had minimal amount of problems during my time here. From the past 3 years, I have gotten the most of the ‘high school experience’. From dances to football games it feels very bittersweet that this is all coming to an end. The support that we all have for each other at Lexington is incomparable. Every week at the games you can see a glimpse into what that looks like. I am very proud to be graduating from Lexington High School and will always be a minutemen at heart.
I am a Senior at Lexington High School. So far, I have had 12 years with Lexington Local Schools and have had many teachers that have made an impact on me throughout my education. Lexington obtained a "Blue Ribbon" status in 2010. Only 14 schools in the state receive that designation. I feel Lexington HS has maintained that status throughout my educational attendance.
I think many of the teachers and very good and all of them care for the students, although I think there are some that do not teach to the best of their ability. Also, I think some of the resources we have are not as advanced as other schools so it puts us behind the other schools.
Lexington High School is no doubt one of the best when it comes to academics. It has an array of advanced classes to be taken, and our teachers truly want what is best for everyone. However, administration would do well to make sure that students keep their mouths in check. Students have a tendency to think that they are better than other schools, simply because the school tends to have a higher budget than others. Also, diversity appears to be a big issue.
This school has a great program that will guide students to success. They provide great education and have a staff that is willing to help kids achieve their dreams. There are many honors courses that can help for college and programs that help students get into college courses while in high school. Overall, it is a great place to watch any student succeed.
They got me well prepared for college. I had great experiences in the athletics. The facilities are not the , but overall it's a good school
Great School does a good job on small budget. All the teachers are invited in the success of their students. They work hard to provide the best education for every learning level.
Lexington High School provided students with college ready education to expand future possibilities and outcomes. Administrative involvement, such as quicker responsiveness, could be improved.
This school is literally out of a terrible teen movie- except the fact that there are rarely happy resolutions. Bullying is atrocious, but it is rarely reported. Like most places, their football team is favored over arts and music, although arts and music win awards annually, Nd the football team sucks. The faculty try to make it a decent place, but everyone going there knows that Lexington is sub-par compared to the surrounding area schools.
I really enjoyed my time at Lexington High School. I am sad that it is coming to an end, but I am ready for the next chapter of my life. Lexington High School has pushed me to be the best student that I can be and has succeeded in preparing me for college. The teachers truly care about each person and his or her success, which is something I am thankful for. The teachers are more than friends; they are mentors and want to see us be successful in our future. I have few complaints. However, I do wish there was more school spirit and that the facilities were better (bathrooms). I also wish that the food was better and that punishments for students were more severe for bigger issues because giving students a Friday school does not seem to influence their decisions. They go out a make the same mistakes again because there is not a severe enough punishment.
Lexington High School has very good academics and offer rigorous courses. However, the school lacks in offering a professional student environment.
Lexington is the kind of school where it excels in both academics and athletics. Lexington Local Schools is one of the best school districts in the area. We have one of the best marching bands in the state, we have some of the best sports teams in the states, and we receive statewide recognition for our academics. Whatever you like to do, there's a place for you at Lexington High School. From drama, to yearbook, to key club, to football, every single person has something to go do. The teachers don't worry about tests after tests after tests. They make sure their students are receiving fantastic education, all while preparing every student for college. Lexington is filled with diversity and I would send my children just as my parents sent me.
I thoroughly enjoy the school in the sense of the educational process or academics. I believe the teachers are well equipped to teach students, and to provide them with the best chance of success. As a college prep school, I feel I will be prepared when I arrive. However, the school fails to have any amount of diversity and/or differences in race, income, language, etc. Beyond that, the school places such a large value in athletics, but fails to support its surplus of musical and performing arts groups. It boasts the success of its football team, but ignores the great success of its marching band. The school building, too, lacks aesthetic and sets a gloomy tone to the building.
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Mock Trial is extremely disorganized. French club is only a couple of times a year. Leo Club is good.
Frequently disorganized, and difficult to deal with. There are a few really good teachers.
Most teachers are not good at teaching atleast in the subjects they are supposed to be teaching. Frequently distracted, many have bad atitudes.
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