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I had a fun time in the last 4 years at Lexington High School. Something I would like to see change is staff members to be more understanding with students and the safety of their learning environment.
There is a wide variety of clubs and sports one could get involved with. There is also great support for students provided by teachers and counselors. There could better involvement of parents and community members.
Lexington High School is a good place to attend. There are a lot of diverse people and the teachers here.
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Lexington High School is not like other schools. This school pushes students to succeed and to be involved in other clubs and activities. This school also has one of the highest graduation rates.
Love the school lots of people to meet and talk to. Everonenis willing to help you out always involved in an activitie never left out
I have enjoyed going to school here because of the culture. It is one you can not find anywhere else; from the classroom to sports and activities, everyone is supportive of each other. The teachers provide help on homework and counseling too.
Although I just transferred here two years ago I was impressed by the welcoming aroma the school has. The teachers were very understanding and the students all tried to make me feel welcome. The school does a great job on having something for everyone and making sure that everyone has the skills to succeed.
Lexington High School is very diverse. From parts of Asia to parts of South America, Lexington High School varies in culture. However, I feel as if I’m in a prison when at school. It feels as if we have no freedom, teachers are strict, constantly have to follow rules m, and if we violate one, we’re punished immediately.
I like the diversity we have. It's a really happy environment. In lexington High school we really don't have any violence or any other bad things like that.
Although I am just a freshman at Lexington High School, I am enjoying the experience. At Lex the teachers are willing to help students, and as students we have many opportunities to improve in either academics or athletics.
Going to school here in Lexington has made me feel at home and accepted. At LHS we have lots of diversity. It is something we are definitely proud of. This school and its diversity has opened up a door for several races to have an education and feel at home.
Lexington High School will always have a place in my heart. We have always been the school that others look down to. Our school is so diverse and others don't have the privilege to say theirs is too. I am thankful for the diversity we have because it helped me personally understand and be considerate of other peoples' cultures. Our athletics aren't always great but the experience we get from it is more important than records and titles. Lexington High School has taught me that no one is better than anyone and we are all equal.
I have been apart of Lexington Public Schools my entire school career. They have very friendly staff, great facilities, and a great culture.
Lexington High School does not fail to challenge their students, they keep their students motivated academically while allowing some activities for other interests.
this school is really good it makes you know almost everyone in town and is a small town not much diversity but the safety isn't good either the school and the teachers are good but some are really mean
Students involvement in our school is average. Some students participate and some do not participate.
The academics at my school is great. Teachers are always there for your help and they understand you and your situation very well. Students do sometimes get workload of homework. But there is always teachers and your friends for your help.
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Each teacher has a little different teaching styles but, teachers in the same subjects are glad to explain concepts in different ways to students that struggle with certain teaches teaching styles.
Lexington is on the most diverse towns in Nebraska.
This is an area that the school could get much better at.
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