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Since the principal came in my sophomore year, things have changed a lot. School dress code doesn’t feel so stiff and strict, we have a lot more extracurricular opportunities and academic opportunities. There have been a few questionable hires when it comes to teaching staff, but other than that things have been a lot better than they were.
I enjoyed the environment of the school, with the small town vibe. As for academics, however, it is lacking. I was not prepared to move on with my education when I graduated. Also not as many opportunities as many other schools. I wasn't even offered anatomy.
My son attends this school. He has been in the Lexington school district since preschool. Great schools great sports.
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I like the small town feel. Having a small class allowed the teachers to get everyone’s questions answered. I would change the learning. These students are never challenged. We were never prepped for college.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Lexington High School. Since my freshman year I have always felt at home while I've been at school. I believe that Lexington is a very welcoming environment overall.
My experience at Lexington High School has been good. The staff is very kind and it is clear that they care about their students education. Something I would like to see changed is how some activities do not recieve as much attention and funding as others.
We are taking our child to a neighboring town because of the bullying. Teachers left in big numbers last year.
Really low academics in general. Kids have to take dual credit if they expect any type of challenge.
It's not really very safe because the administration acts like everyone outside of the school building is a problem when numerous adults employed by the school demonstrate very poor judgement. They do things like have overnight lock ins with only one adult present.
If a student doesn't play sports or want to be in the theater class, there isn't anything of value. All of the science teachers are coaches, so they don't have any science oriented programs like other high schools. There just isn't much unless it's a popularity contest like student council, or just memorizing for academic bowl.
I wish we were able to have the kids go to a different school. People moving here with kids in school doesn't happen much because the schools in the neighboring towns have better reputations. The high school is getting smaller each year.
Teachers do not seems to have much in the way of teaching skills. The are sarcastic in the way they talk to kids and generally dress and act unprofessional.
I would say the LHS is a pretty safe school for students to attend.
I do not have an opinion on this. There is a variety of options for the students
I wouldn't choose this school over again simply because of how small it is and the limitation of opportunities for the students.
I had the privilege to have the few experienced teachers that were left at LHS. Overall, there are a handful of teachers that are dedicated and know how to handle and teach their classroom.
Kids get hurt, but no one talks about it outside of the school.
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The focus is on sports or popularity contests like student council.
The town thinks sports is the most important part of school.
Most teachers don't live here and leave as soon as school or their sport is over.
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