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People are always super stressed about grades, and it’s pretty competitive. Lots of good clubs and activities and classes are good, though. Most teachers are really good.
A very competitive school with amazing students and faculty. It has a very stressful environment but it prepares you well for college. Some might even say college is easier compared to Lexington high school.
I liked that AP science courses didn't have a prereq of a high school level course in the same subject (ex: you didn't need level 1 bio to take AP Bio)
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LHS definitely prepares you for college with the material and amount that they give out. There is very little diversity and really shows no movement in trying to change that. The teachers are a dice roll if you get a good one or not.
Lexington High School has a reputation for being stressful. Yes, it is academically rigorous. However, the stress is what you make it. I've found that a lot of pressure comes from parents, and the faculty at the high school actually goes out of their way to reduce stress in the classroom provided that you advocate for yourself. The faculty is extremely qualified and we are strong in the arts and sports. The school is diverse and inclusive. LHS does lack school spirit, but in the last couple of years steps have been taken to improve that. It is a work in progress, but LHS is a great school!
I think it's a very good academic school, but does push a highly competitive environment. The hallways are always crowded during passing times so expect to be late to your classes. Some teachers are very connected with students, others are quite distant.
I think that I had a great academic experience. I had a good amount of help, as well as a way to organize myself. The culture, on the other hand, was not good at all. Everyone dealt with mental health issues, and we had lots of racial issues.
Good, supportive community, competitive academically, weird California style campus that is not suitable for New England weather, lots of clubs + easy to make your own.
Lexington High School is a very diverse environment when it comes to the student body. However, it is super competitive and very academically challenging, especially compared to other schools. Stress is a huge problem that many students deal with and though the school has tried to make attempts to lessen it, they have not done much.
Lexington high school and the Lexington Public Schools are some of the best when it comes to preparing kids for their college workload. Although there is a lack of complete school spirit within the students its made up for by the education.
Excellent academics. Tons of very bright, talented kids. School has dozens of students that would normally be in the top 1% of any school. Parents and teachers add to stress so this is not easy place to go to school. Colleges take a lot from this school but not enough for all the smart students. Unless you are academically very strong, may be better elsewhere. A lot of parents send kids to private school in Lexington, which says it all for such a good school.
Lexington High School is a very competitive school in terms of academics which I believe is makes every Lexington High School student ready for college. However, this very competitiveness can often be too much as I definitely wouldn't recommend this school for kids with mental health issues who wouldn't be able to handle stress and pressure. Furthermore, Lexington High School has top-notch extracurricular activities and clubs, especially in science and technology from its two competitive FTC Robotics Teams, Science Bowl, Math Team and many more as well as there being tons of clubs which have absolutely nothing to do with academics such as over five dance clubs, cultural clubs, language clubs, magic club, etc. I could go on. Lexington is one of the safest towns in Massachusetts so I would say that LHS is definitely a safe high school.
It is a great place to work, and the students are talented and thoughtful.We have a wide variety of clubs and our sports teams are competitive. the buildings are old but mostly functional, the biggest issue is overcrowding. the staff is dedicated and skilled and the community is largely supportive.
we have students and clubs winning state regional and national competitions on a regular basis.
School with very qualified instructors and with prestigious programs. The fact that the school is so competitive makes it good in some ways and bad in others–I have amazing opportunities to take AP classes and learn at a high level, but the school has a palpable competitive atmosphere that seriously infects any student's experience at the school.
Lexington High School is an excellent place to receive an education. It is very competitive and at times can have a ruthless atmosphere, but it prepares all of its students very well for college and beyond. There is are many AP/honors courses for students to choose from, and many great extracurricular choices. Its performing arts programs are the best in the state. My one complaint is that the student body is too big for the school, and there's not enough room in the hallways/guidance counselors are rarely available as they are each assigned too many students.
Students at Lexington High School are well prepared for college. However, the academic competitiveness and demanding curriculum tend to lead students to be extremely stressed out.
As a student of color Lexington wasn't the best place for me. Lexington is all about the academics but fail in the social aspect of life, everyone in the building is a robot , do not know how to basic conversations or to even have fun. Yes lexington is thriving in education but how about diversity wise ? There is no such thing of a person of color being administration, you can count on two hands the number of color teachers there are. Administration is so worried about skipping a class or you failed a class but not the reason of why you failed a class. This school isn't great for people that have mental health issues it adds more stress into your life.
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Lexington High School provides a great education, and the teacher are very helpful. When ever someone needs help they are sure to assist the students. It is a great environment.
It's kind of intense. If you don't like competition, I wouldn't recommend. Also, there is diversity, but it is a majority asian diversity.
this school is very good since kevin zhao goes there! 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char 100char
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