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Good community and caring teachers. Small school so you get to know everyone have good company throughout the years.
We have been very pleased with our experience at LCA -- especially with the school's response to the current coronavirus pandemic. The school leadership quickly put together a distance learning program that feels cohesive and comprehensive. The students have a reasonable schedule of video classes and a manageable list of assignments to complete each week. We have also been impressed with the teachers and counselors at the school. They are compassionate and kind, but also skilled educators. We are glad we chose Lexington Christian Academy.
LCA is a great school with a purpose of educating students while glorifying God. The teachers are there to help you in your studies and your personally walk in your faith. They do more than educate, they support you. The sports teams are excellent and the teams are family. The academics are very diverse and the subjects are taught with the shinning light of God present. The community is welcoming overall and the students reflect the love of God.
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Lexington Christian Academy has great teachers and classes, but not diverse in classes and opportunities. The students vary from well disciplined to not so disciplined, and some kids take advantage of the small class size. The school does not prepare students for the real world. However, they do a good job of preparing them for college. The teachers are mostly personable, caring, and understanding.
Lexington Christian Academy offers a unique, interactive, and rigorous educational experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The teachers fully dedicate themselves to their teachings, making the lessons enjoyable and rememerable. Lexington Christian's relatively small class sizes allow the students to become very close with one another, making friendships that will last for their ifetime.
Lexington Christian Academy is a wonderful school with teachers who re dedicated to forwarding the learning of their students. Great campus, and academics that prepare students for college.
We are in our second year at LCA with a family history dating back to 1975. We are big supporters of the academic rigor, the culture of Christian values and support for every student both in the middle school and high school level. Families are valued with many opportunities to stay engaged with your child/ren's school.

While reviews can be compelling, the real test is a visit. I encourage you to visit, spend the day, speak to current students, families, teachers/staff and most + listen. It is a special and unique educational experience nestled in the heart of Lexington.

My test? My children are happy, love to learn, want to go to school and can’t wait to return the next day. They want to try new things, cheer their classmates on in sports and make new friends.
I have had a connection with LCA since 1992. Initially as a youth pastor in Lexington and then as a father of two daughters, one who graduated in 2016 and another who is currently a sophomore. While a youth pastor many of the students in my youth group attended LCA and I had the opportunity to visit LCA on many occasions. I would often recommend the school to families that I met. I am still doing that today. Both of my daughters have received and are receiving excellent educations from LCA. It is a nurturing environment that encourages students to discover. Discover not only academically, but socially, athletically, spiritually and artistically. From what I have witnessed the faculty and staff genuinely love working at the school and caring for the students in such a way that creates an environment of excellence. Both my wife and I are active in volunteering at the school. We are very thankful for the opportunities over the years to be connected with LCA!
Inclusion, Excellence, and Readiness. If you close your eyes and picture a school with these three qualities, you will find yourself daydreaming with the vision of LCA lingering in your mind. I personally have never visited or attended a school such as this due to the value of community and inclusion that they radiate. Since the first time I walked into the building, students and staff showered me with genuine appreciation. They value me and seek to uplift me and bring out excellence. And I continuously see them doing the same for other students who come to the academy.
It's great! Welcoming, caring, and everyone is kind. All the teachers are so helpful and I've met and got to know a lot of new people :)
This school is horrible! Not only do the all of the students act entitled and are rich snobs, but the teachers also have favorites. The lunch is ridiculously expensive, and overall just not a good school. It doesn't get you ready for collage, and shields you from the outside world, leaving you unprepared as you graduate the school. Don't go there!
From an academic perspective the school has everything covered. Dedicated, innovative head of school - check, highly educated, caring & passionate teachers - check, involved parents - check, engaged & inclusive students - check, organic integration of academics and faith - check & mate.
What really sets the school apart though, is the marriage of these tangible strengths, with all the intangible things. Those special LCA moments, that once experienced, will draw you to the school. That “I get it now” feeling that happens to everyone who chooses LCA. You have to experience it, to understand it.
Our daughters aren't merely excited to attend LCA, they’re excited to BE LCA. To represent the school on the field & the court, in the classroom - doing shadow days with prospective students, in the world - telling their friends how much they love their school. Instead of trying to be something for everyone, LCA thrives by being everything for some - it’s a special family to be part of.
I have 3 girls who attended LCA. They all loved it - made great friends: enjoyed sports, theater & art: grew in their Christian faith, and most of all received a fabulous education.
We have two daughters who have flourished at LCA under the loving and discerning care of the faculty. The faculty really get to know the students, challenge them, and draw out their gifts and talents. Our girls started in 6th grade and are now in HS. They've been able to participate in Honors and AP level courses, play sports, participate in the performing arts, develop great friendships, and grow spiritually. It is a small school, so, if someone wants to be lost in a big crowd, this is not the place. It has the advantages of being small and does an excellent job of overcoming the disadvantages of being small (such as variety of courses and sports offered). As parents, we value education highly and have benefited from some of the best schools and Universities in the country. We were searching for a school with high academic standards that also truly loved our children. We found that at LCA.
Lexington Christian Academy is more than a school - it's a community where our children are growing and thriving. It's a place where our children's natural, God-giving talents and abilities are not only uncovered and revealed, but honed and strengthened day by day. The faculty and staff sincerely care about each and every student at LCA. From their state of the art facilities, to the playing fields, to the performing arts center, there is a place to grow and thrive for every student at this school.
This is your third year with the school, the first two years were nothing short from great. My daughter loves the school, has great friends and she is performing in a level higher than her required academic level.
We did hire a tutor from Harvard to review math skills with my daughter before the beginning of this school year, the tutor was suprised to see the level of math work that my daughter already worked on, she stated it to be a level higher than the regular school work for her grade. LCA maintains a well though strong curriculum, that prepares the kids with a strong base for college.
The head of school changed last year, some changes in staff and staff positions were made, so far, the school has kept its great level, the new head of school has maintained the principles and believes of LCA community, guiding the school under God, in a direction that is pleasing to us.
My experience at Lexington Christian Academy has been a mix of pros and cons. A pro is that everybody takes their education very seriously, and it is not considered cool to be slacking. I also love a lot of the teachers because they really care. It is a very small, Christian school however, and even though the student body is pretty diverse, you end up with a small pool of people to choose friends from. I have noticed in recent years that the administration is going downhill a bit, and priorities are not exactly in order. Dress code is stressed heavily while being very inconsistent while more serious issues with students get swept under the rug. I have enjoyed my time at the school but that is because I have chosen my friends wisely.
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This is a horrible school with an even worse administration this has been worse! Even worse than administration is the front office who has gone rogue
There are active arts programs, teachers who love what they do, and it is a safe, warm environment for kids. Kids can be on sports teams AND in the school musical and it's looked on as totally normal. We love it.
Terrible administration. Administrators at the top trying to act as if they were a corporation. They don’t have a clue about how to run a business or a school.
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