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The most impressive thing about LCA is they CARE about their students. My child loves learning at LCA.
I highly recommend LCA if you are seeking a christian education for your child in the central Kentucky area. As an alumni, I look back at my time at LCA and know that it had a positive and profound impact on my future success professionally and personally. I have seen my children learn and grow in the enriching environment of LCA. We also like that in addition to a solid, christ centered education (our main priority), LCA also offers competitive sports opportunities, many clubs and fine arts activities, technology integration and amazing facilities. I definitely recommend going on a tour and speaking with their admissions staff.
I loved most of the teachers, coaches and i love my class I will be graduating with. The authority of the school is not good and are not fair.
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The teachers really care about the students. They devote endless (unpaid) time to make sure that we succeed, and they celebrate with us when we do, and cry with us when we falter. The administration is good, but there is a lot of turnover that makes it difficult to settle in.
I went to LCA from kindergarten through senior year of high school. I loved it while I was there because I didn't know any better, but once I went to college I was in awe of all of the people and how difficult school was. LCA did not challenge me in the way that it should have for me to be prepared for college. Some of my teachers there were great and truly cared about their students and some were literally terrible. I am pretty sure all of the good ones left after LCA began to go down a year ago. I would probably never send my own kids here, as I would want them to experience a more diverse high school, so they aren't thrown into the world unprepared like i was.
It is a great place to be influenced and have the chance to influence others who are serious about their faith with God. The teachers truly care about the students, it is small enough to where everyone knows each other, and the classes push me to do my best and further my knowledge as a student.
The investment on behalf of the faculty was fantastic. I loved the elementary experience specifically; middle school was my least favorite experience, and the high school had some room for improvement in the area of regular discipline as opposed to favorites, or being lenient in some circumstances. I have numerous stories of staff going above and beyond, such as a kind janitor praying over every locker in the building as he cleaned at night, or being aided financially so I could attend choir trips.
My experience with Lexington Christian Academy was started in the school year of '13-14. I was working as a bible teacher. The students were fun in class and even more interactive outside of class. The half year that I worked at this school was the best and worst times of my life. I had met someone that understood me, but also knew lots of trivia. Some of the parents and even the adminstration who was supposed to support me left me alone in the dark. Shots at my morals eventually lead to my forceful resignation. Even as I was ripped away from my love forcefully, I still remember those days.
The students have only been in school two days this week and there have already been three people who have slipped and fallen in the parking lot/sidewalk on the property. All of their pants ripped and they each bled. The student parking lots here are full of potholes and are covered in ice (and are not salted). I am not pleased with the safety regulations on this campus.
Although I am grateful to be able to attend this school, it needs serious improvement. The academic opportunities are not that great, and most students are not prepared for the real world. The school is 95% white, and all the funding goes towards the elementary and middle school.
You pay a ridiculous amount for substandard teaching. Teachers don’t excite or challenge students. There is very little to no school diversity.
I am currently a senior at the Lexington Christian Academy. I have been a student here for about 13 years. I am so grateful to the school because without them I believe that my life would be very different. through my experience with LCA, I have learned many things. I have learned discipline, study tools, how to write a paper, responsibility and so many more valuable things. If I absolutely had to change anything about this school it would be the locatio.
LCA is a great college-prep school. The issues at this school stem not from the academics or athletics, but from the ever-changing administration. Over the last 4 years, the administration has changed time and time again, creating new standards that are impossible to keep up with. Rules enforced in one class might change to a contrasting rule as you walk down the hallway.
I came to LCA my 7th grade year and it changed my life. I became a better student and grew my faith in God. I love the small class sizes and that my teachers are always available if I need help. LCA might not have everything a larger school might have but all the programs LCA does provide are top notch. LCA provides a safe environment and a first class campus. I know I am prepared for college and I look forward to furthering my education at the next level.
the education there is very good. i wish there were more opportunities for AP or dual credit classes, but i feel like the regular courses have prepared me for college. my teachers were all amazing and i really enjoyed their classes. (the administration, however, was a train-wreck the whole time i was there.)
I am just am very unhappy with this school. I had my child in preschool and they did nothing to further his learning or growth. To the point where I had to take him out. I am convinced that this school is only there to separate the rich from poor kids. I would ask him regularly did they go over your ABC’s, work on writing, numbers or even on his penmanship. Constantly he would say no. I spent close to $10,000 a year for him not to mention driving 45 minutes there and he learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! I then brought him to an after school tutoring site, Kumon and after just three months he was reading full sentences and doing arithmetic and only cost $ 200 dollars a month. Don’t spend your money here, particularly since most of it will likely get allocated to the high school kids and not your elementary or middle school kids.
Good school in general. It does have its issues but many students and parents tend to nitpick everything that isn't done to their liking. Some of the teachers there are fantastic and great at what they do and others simply need to be let go. It does provide the students with a good environment as they are surrounded by other more highly achieving and intelligent students. Many students wish some of the staff wasn't quite as nosy about their personal lives outside of school, however, this can also simply be viewed as the staff showing concern for the students. But as mentioned earlier, it is a good school overall with many great relational teachers on staff.
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High School Academic curriculum is weak, teachers lack experience in guiding students to full potential. I would caution any parent considering to transfer their children to LCA, very difficult to find social opportunities for young people transferring to this school. Administration makes very little effort to provide inclusion of new students.
Lexington Christian academy has been an eventful choice. Many times I have planned on leaving the school though this isn’t up to me and it is my mother who decides where I go. LCA has no support for their students and their strict policies on student activity in and outside of school have lead to many getting suspended and expelled. However the people being removed from the school has a ripple effect, those who have been seen associating with students who are “troublesome” are immediately assumed to be so themselves and are subjected to “not-so-random” drug testing and being presented with false results in an effort to get them to unwillingly confess.
LCA and LPS are one huge mess right now due to the controlling and lying CFO who has decided the board, parents, teachers, administrators, consultants, and students. She is responsible for bringing this school to its financial ruin, and is the cause of the huge turn over in faculty and staff ( close to 20 people) this year alone!
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