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I like the rigorous course work. It's challenging. If you take an easy class it'll be more busy work and more fooling around, so a fun class. Honors would entail of some fooling around but way less, with more independency and students that take their education more seriously. While AP involves barely any work, but you would need to understand the material and study and learn it if you don't know it. Because there won't be homework to turn in, but tests that will be a majority of your grade. Barely any fooling around in AP classes, but you become close with everyone in your class since its 'hard'. The challenge draws everyone together
I have loved growing in my spirituality and academics through Lexington Catholic! It is such a positive experience and the small class sizes are amazing because you can really become connected with your teachers and classmates. The teachers are always willing to help you with anything you need. The high marks program is really an amazing resource!
Plenty of sports, clubs, and fine arts available. Small enough school for teachers to work with students personally. Some choices made by administration have been iffy, but many changes that have happened recently have been for the better. Students are listened to and student opinions are valued. Accommodations are offered for students who might need them, and plenty of help is available as well. The school feels safe and the cafeteria food is amazing compared to many other schools.
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I love how it is a second home. I have made great friends and memories. I can always go there and the people there will help me become the best person I can be. They have moved me forward in my learning skills and preparing me for college and my faith. The school is very nice and up to date. Everything is changing so they can give us the best way to learn and the most recent technology. One great thing I love is how they are asking students what new classes they might want to add so they choose that and see if thats the career they want to go down. All four years at Catholic have taught me so much and I will remember it for the rest of my life.
Lexington Catholic made freshman year of college a breeze. College Readiness, the college application process, the level of academics was a plus.
Lexington Catholic is a tradition in our family. My husband and sons received an outstanding education that has allowed them success in their adult life. We feel very blessed to be part of the school community.
Overall, it has been a wonderful experience at Catholic. Many positive changes have been made and leadership has been put in place to make those changes and lead the school successfully. Little improvement is required except a few small matters that can be easily fixed. I trust that the students and faculty will continue to move forward together to make Lexington Catholic the best school it can possibly be, both in the classroom and outside in the community.
I have had a pretty good experience with my school. The education was very good. I wish the students could be more considerate of others. I also wish our events were more exciting. I may have felt safe in the school, but I did not feel included. People are very judgmental. I wish that could change, but you cannot change the people.
There’s a lot of school spirit, the classes are small, the teachers are good for the most part, it’s safe, the education is very good, especially compared to other schools in lexington.
I liked this school very much and definetly felt like I got and am still currently getting a good education.
A wonderful school with very kind and helpful teachers. However, we have a major lack of diversity. The absence of diversity comes in the form of both race and sexual orientation/LGBTQ.
I've experienced a lot of racists among the students and even teachers. There are a lot of muslims and they are agitating your kid. Male students will agressively relate to your daughter if she'll join. However the education is on excellent level and the tuition courses are available 24/7 for free. So i recommend you to enroll if You are white catholic men.
I'm sure a lot of white people really like it there. It's a terrible place if you want your kid to experience diversity -- be it racial, cultural or even economic! Are there some nice people there? Sure. But it's a very uncomfortable place to be if you are a person of color. And, it's not such a great place to be if you want your kids to learn to interact with all kinds of people. There are many nice people there, but in the interest of full disclosure, it does seem to attract that unsavory element, those white people who would prefer it if we all were white. Wait until your kid graduates and goes to a real school with people of all races and they discover that they really don't know how to be around people of color. I've known graduates who are stigmatized at college because they simply do not interact normally with others aren't exactly like themselves. They don't even realize how they come across. Please, think long and hard before spending your 50K for this type of outcome!
It's a high quality education with amazing teachers, but the other students are subpar. #vapenation I would still recommend it though.
More of a country club than a Christian school. And, definitely NOT diverse! Also, did not see much diversity among the staff or in what was offered to us to read for assignments. You hear about people taking great vacays, spending money, etc. Very little about Jesus. Very little attention given to students. Not sure what all that money was going towards. So glad to be in college now where I can feel okay about who I am as opposed to how much I have. Being a good person is not about how much money you have. Never would learn that there. It is a rich person's school to be sure.
Lexington Catholic High School is an excellent academic institution. I transferred there in junior year, and it’s absolutely wonderful, from the teachers to the clubs, to the curriculum, to the opportunity. I highly recommend it. I am not Catholic, but they do not discriminate and the education is top notch.
Courses were advanced and course load helped prepare me for college classes. But I wish I had more help applying for college and scholarships. I wasn’t sure at all how to apply for college or scholarships and I think I was overlooked because I was seen as Someone able to get into most schools. I wish someone would have helped me get the most scholarships possible. Most students were involved in clubs and sports. Sports teams were inclusive yet competitive and most programs were strong. Academics worked well with sports programs to ensure student athletes were well supported in the classroom and well rounded in campus involvement.
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Have you ever heard about free tutoring program at a private school? At least I haven’t until I came to Lexington Catholic High School this year. I was worried about my grades and how to prepare for taking the finals for the first time. I knew I wasn’t ready with the materials by just listening in the class, so I went to High Marks and got some help. The teachers tried their best to make us learn and get prepare for the exams. Also, they had multiple study sessions for some hard subjects such as Biology. I think Lexington Catholic High School is great in many ways, but especially with academics.
I loved my time at school there. I was prepared for college so well that all of my freshmen college classes are a lot easier than senior year. The teachers are very kind and there for your learning and you. All together it was a great school.
Lexington Catholic High School is a great place for learning. There are also a great variety of clubs you can join. There is something for everyone at this school. Teachers are nice and welcoming. One thing I would like to change is they way they claim to know what "diversity" is. They claim to be all diverse, but do nothing to inform diversity at this school.