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I have been a student at Lewisville High School for 4 years and i have had an overall pleasant experience. Lewisville is in a poor county, which causes some problems. We have limited resources, use old books, and slow computers. We do not have many AP classes and sports are limited. Despite our county's financial problems, the teachers do there very best to teach the students. Teachers always seem to care and put their students as a priority.
Lewisville is a small rural school that promotes high academic and athletic achievements! Lewisville is a Palmetto Gold School and has outstanding students, faculty, and parent support. The community is very involved in the school, supporting it however possible.
Lewisville is a small, rural school with a high academic and sports expectation. The community is very supportive of our school.
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Lewisville High School is the best school that I ever been to. They give everyone a chance to exceed in life.
Everyone at the school is friendly, and the teachers prepare you for college while helping you understand the topic.
The culture is excellent. They really listen to parents and care about kids. My kids have been so much happier since moving to this school.
LHS is a Great school. I enjoyed my 4Years in high school there. I would recommend the school to any family and friends looking to move to the area.
I enjoy that Lewisville High School is a small family like school. Here at Lewisville High everyone knows each other and cares about the well-being of others. Although Lewisville High is a great place to learn and grow in a positive environment, I believe that the students should have more freedom. In surrounding schools with a larger population student are able to do more things than Lewisville is able to do, such as, sit in the courtyard, wear certain attire, and leave and get lunch. If this change was to be made I believe the student at this school would be greatly appreciative.
My experience at Lewisville has always been pretty positive. I have not ever had a negative experience dealing with the staff and teachers. The school over all is a pretty positive place. I always feel safe and secure.
They involve high academic standards, but the bullying/fights/meanness/rudeness is ridiculous. Most classes hold challenges. The Spanish teacher(Mrs. Trev), does fantastic with teaching students how to write/read Spanish. Studying is very important while attending. The school does need to renovate. The students mostly have flexible clothing rules. The principals are good, but I feel that they aren't really "involved" with the students and can get nasty at times.
The school is very inclusive, and it is a safe environment. The student to teacher ratio is great, and teachers really care about their students.
This School have Big Advantages for. A 1A school I just thankful for all the help and recognition that students and I receive
In my time at being at Lewisville High I was fortunate because I was given more opportunities than most other kids my age did. Not only was I introduced to people who would help further my education and career, but also introduced to those who would be confidence boosters too reminding me that I can do this. Contrary to popular believe since I went to a smaller school I felt as they did a very good job as far as getting me ready to meet different people from
Honestly, it may be a small school with a small community, but you feel closer. Everyone knows you and you know everyone and it's like a family. You have a better chance of getting close to teachers than in a bigger school and that's what I love about this school. You are able to have a better connection and a one on one conversation about things that may or may not be involved in school work.
Lewisville high school is a good school in a small town community. The teachers are overall very friendly and eager to teach us students who are ready to learn. the class size is great and you are able to get the teachers undivided attention when ever is needed. The teaches also help you understand the materials in a way that fits each students learning skills.
Lewisville High is an excellent school. The teaching staff works hard to make sure students are prepared for the next grade level, or in my case, life after graduation. The entire staff is super friend and helpful. Our small school is like one big family.
Lewisville High School is in a small community where everyone knows everyone. That means that we are a close knit school. In most cases our own parents attended this school so it feels that we are caring on a tradition. Everyone gets along very well together and teachers and staff know all students by name, it makes for a very comfortable learning environment. Parents are actively involved in all school activities, sports and academics. Many events and activities are held with the inclusion pf the middle and elementary school as well so we all influence and share with one another
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Lewisville High School was such a great place to learn at. The teachers are always willing to help every student be successful.
My favorite thing about Lewisville High School is the sense of pride that the students and faculty have. From athletics to academics, our faculty and community supports its students through it all. However, our small is sometimes limited in what it can do for its students. We don't have as many opportunities as those who go to larger schools.
My school is technologically advanced and it allows for the students to learn easily and more efficient. The teachers at my school are properly equipped with tools and education to express their knowledge to grades 9-12. I have loved my time here at Lewisville High and will miss it dearly. As Dr. Knox, the principal up until my senior year was experienced and a great principal, the vice principal, Mrs. Snipes, has done an excellent job transferring to the head position. My school is very spirited, involved, and supportive of each student, club, and sport that it holds. Once a lion, always a lion.
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