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There are several teachers who treat the students as if they were the enemies. Many times they will jump the gun and immediately start acting like the student is doing something wrong. At the same time, I had a few really great teachers that really inspired me and cared to help and see me grow. It's pretty much just hit or miss.
My experience in the school was amazing I love every single moment of it and I will cherish every memory that I made with every teacher and friends that I was there. Throughout my years in high school I've learned to communicate and really accept people for who they are and people will accept me of who I am. I will always and forever remember this school as one of my best experience ever. Although my senior year was taken away early the staff made me feel that I could move on and keep going. I follow the maroon line. I have accomplished a lot of things in this school because the staff are so supportive they will help you with anything that you need to see you succeed it's a next chapter in life. The teachers are there are very accepting us they care how much we are how we feeling and all of us in general. I'm glad I got to be part of the maroon line and I left something behind for other people to be inspired by this. I'm glad I got to be part of the maroon line .
The teachers are super supportive. No matter what trouble I had, there was always someone there to help me along the way. There were times when I didn't know what I was doing, whether it was academic or life related, and was always helped and supported along the way. The staff is very kind and a lot of them have worked there for a long time. I never ate any food there, but to my knowledge, it wasn't the best. Still, I have learned a lot and still continue to learn, not only from the classes, but from the people there.
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the school itself is great the people no matter what year will always be diverse and unique. the school has great pride from the teachers and the students everyone bleeds maroon and white.
I wouldn’t recommend this school the admin and teachers had favorites and didn’t necessarily care for majority of students
I like how the diversity and how there’s a lot of opportunities to be involved in the Lewisville community. It’s a fun place to attend and have your learning experience there.
It’s a great school we have pep rally’s and One hour lunches. One thing I think they should do is have more student representation in the pep rally‘s.
During my 4 years of high school, I'd like to say my school is the best for engaging in learning and having the best time. My school is very diverse and everywhere you look (for the most part) everyone is getting along and working together. The teachers are very engaged in your learning and make sure their students are getting the education they deserve. Not just education, but the unlimited groups/clubs, sports, and fine arts are all appreciated for their accomplishments. The school has so much school pride and remember that "it's a great day to be a farmer."
It is a good school in which you have many ways of succeeding. They have a large selection of sports and offer college credit courses.
School struggles to hold academic readiness for students, teachers combat difficult classrooms of very diverse groups of students and school culture is extremely poor due to its dispersion of campuses. Efforts are there, however, the student body has created a poor learning environment for the rest of the graduating classes, and support from the facility is undermines the students needs.
I like the teachers here at LHS a lot. They are really caring and want to see you succeed and will help you with whatever you need. However, one thing that I wish was different was how big it is. I understand that it is a densely populated area, however 2,000+ kids is a lot at one time for a HS in general.
I really like the sense of community within Lewisville High School, and the use of a “blocked” schedule — having classes that are 90 minutes long and last a semester (typically). A few things I would fix would be the busing system, there have been a few times that I have been unable to eat lunch due to having to stay late for class, but having to leave lunch early to go to eat the other campuses. Another minor complaint is the lack of AP classes available, especially those for freshman and sophomores. For an aspiring valedictorian, the fact that some AP classes are only available for juniors and seniors is annoying, and unpractical. Many of these classes are unable to “make” due to the lack of students joining them, but if more freshman and sophomores could take those classes, more AP classes could exist.
I love the facts that teachers are always willing to help u. The kids are friendly and treat each other with respect. I wouldn't change anything about the school
I truly love being a fighting farmer.
I currently attend Lewisville HS, I believe this school is the best place for me.
This school has allowed me to get a head start on things I wish to pursue outside of high school and I am very thankful for the opportunities. I will be a proud graduate of Lewisville HS in the spring semester of 2021, I can’t wait !
As far as a tradition high school they follow the rules.. maybe a little too much that is one of the reasons i did not join the cheer team. The teachers is cool not all of them. The food is horrible just bad, your stomach will be hurting in no time. The tardy policy is bad just real bad. They be taxing on everthing, nobody have no type of chill honestly. Harmon campus is 10x better with everything promise.
Lewisville High School is the most diverse school, full of young spirited students, and fun and loving staff that truly care for the success of their alumni.
Lewisville High School is a great highschool in the Lewisville area that will prepare you to the fullest for college and a bright future with wonderful facilities, helpful resources for knowledge and consultation.
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I love how spirited they were , they took pride in their sports and made sure we all supported. I would love to see LHS keep the students involved and continue to spread that farmer pride.
Lewisville High School is a great example of diverse background and cultures, where many can be brought together. Along with amazing administrators and faculty, constantly providing many resources and other help, seeking for each and every student's success toward their goals. Overall Lewisville High School is amazing and greatly exceptional
my favorite part about my school is there amount of diversity in the school and the overall community between everybody here. I believe there's nothing
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