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Lewistown Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I have personally enjoyed all that Lewistown Jr/Sr High School has offered in my four years of high school. My mother moved us to Lewistown to make sure I would have an enjoyable experience of a small town high school. She did not want me to be a number but an actual name of a student body that I could be proud to call my graduating class.
I am a current high school senior, and my experience with Lewistown High School has been very average. Although there are teachers who care, the overall staff could be better.
I would not recommend going here!! It is very dirty the food is not good most of the teachers do not teach anymore..
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Most of the teachers here at Lewistown High School are high quality. Many teachers like to look for new, more helpful teaching styles. The teachers know what they are talking about and they take interest in the problems and concerns of their students. They communicate well with the students one most every level. Most teachers grade consistently no matter who you are or what mood they are in.
I believe we could have more college prep courses available and also tech classes for students who are more hands on learning.
Our school has great facilities for a small rural area. Our community prides itself in our student's events.
I don't believe our school does enough when it comes to the bullying. It really depends in our district who you are and what your punishment is, it is not a fair practice. This is true in any circumstance, not just bullying. It should not matter who your parents are, when you do something wrong, a student needs to be punished by what the handbook states.
Most of our teachers are wonderful and spend more time that expected to with students. They really do want to see the students excel.
I loved that my children have attended the school where I went. They may not have all the opportunities of a larger school, but they know everyone and have been very involved as students, and the teachers are great.
I believe for a small rural community that our school district provides plenty of options for the kids to get involved in a club or organization.
I believe our school district is a safe place to learn for the students. You will have the occasional disagreement between students, but it is rare.
Our food in the cafeteria tastes like normal cafeteria food. Although I attend a small high school, the cooks do a good job of offering healthy food options.
My high school has a variety of organizations. Most organizations are extremely active with helping the community. Our Student Senate hosts the American Cross blood drive every year. We also have a Christmas fund each December to raise money for people in need.
Our guidance counselor is amazing. She is also a computer teacher and the yearbook staff advisor. She does whatever she can to help her students. She has been excellent at helping seniors apply for college and scholarships. Our principal was our old band instructor. He is a genuine principal that wants to see his students achieve great things.
The teachers at my high school devote a lot of time and care for their students. Many of my teachers will go above and beyond to help their students. I love the fact that the teachers have such a close relationship with their students.
Over the past few years, fan support has been dwindling. Although I live in a small town, the community is very involved with the athletics opportunities that the school offers. Sports are a fun way to get involved in activities with your friends while staying in shape at the same time. Personally, I don't play any sports but I love attending the high school games to show my school spirit. I'm also a member in the marching band and pep band. Most of my friends participate in our high school sports. Most of the coaches at my high school are also high school teaches. The coaches actually care for the players.
School spirit is top notch and major sports (football, basketball, track and field) are popular and high quality. coaches are rated some of best in region.
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Academia is enforced by teachers and discussed in assemblies.
Sports, academic clubs, and music programs are guided by teachers and there is heavy parent involvement.
I liked attending this school! school patriotism is high, student and parent/teacher involvement is on point! Sports are very popular and celebrated.
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