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Lewiston Porter Senior High School Reviews

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I loved the genuine enthusiasm and wide access to resources that my school allowed for me. I wish that the school offered more independence and tools to prepare students for life after high school.
Lewiston Porter Senior high is a very good high school. There are many teachers that take good care of the students and other staff members and genuinely care about their students. Lewiston Porter offers many different sports, clubs and activities to participate in. The only downfall about the school is it is not very diverse. That is one thing the school lacks is diversity.
I liked the opportunities presented at Lewiston-Porter Senior High School. It is a friendly environment with friendly competition to push students to do their best, at their own will.
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LPHS is a great school. All of the teachers are after school for help and are truly interested in their students' wellbeing. They have made numerous improvements to their facilities over the past several years, including a new fitness center, new computers for the photography lab, and redoing the band/orchestra room. Overall, it was a good preparation for life beyond high school.
My high school experience has been both challenging and rewarding. Throughout my high school career, I've had the opportunity to take advanced placement and dual-enrollment classes to prepare myself for college courses. The school has a vibrant student culture, however I feel the school can improve their commodities, such as better food and a wider range of extracurricular clubs and activities.
I enjoy going to lewport. There are very good sports and academics. I really feel like I’m getting the high school experience. There are great renovations happening to further improve our school environment. The only thing we could improve on is actually providing all of the classes you offer. I signed up for AP environmental science but I didn’t get to take it this year because it wasn’t being offered.
I moved to the Lewiston-Porter district my sophomore year. It was a big change coming from Florida. I can honestly loved the change though. Lewiston-Porter Senior High school is known for how well they are in academics. Most of all the teachers are great teachers and love what they are doing and many of them have helped me get ready for college. Throughout my few years of being here I have joined the lacrosse team and I absolutely love it. At Lewport more than half the school is involved in supporting and participating in school activities/clubs and school sports and it is so great to be apart of. Overall, i have had such a great experience at this school and I am not excited to start my next new journey going into to college.
Lewiston Porter High School is a very good school speaking from an academic perspective. There are many great teachers and opportunities for students who are willing to put in the work. Furthermore, Lewiston Porter does an excellent job of preparing students for college by greatly encouraging talking between students and guidance counselors. Lewiston Porter is located very close to the local police station so it is very appealing in terms of safety. However, Lewiston Porter is very undiverse and lacks many clubs due to the smaller size of the school. The only clubs present are a club for volunteering, a technology club, and a council for organizing the homecoming dance. Sports are plentiful at the school as music and art programs which do help to make up for the lack of clubs. Lewiston Porter is a great school for those interested in preparing for college and playing sports but not as great for those looking for a diverse school or those looking for a wide range of clubs.
Lewiston Porter High School has many amazing teachers that helped me bring my average up. Many of the students are friendly and get along easily. Most of the sport teams do good during the season and work hard during the off season. There are multiple AP and Honor classes. You have a wide variety of subjects to choose from when making your schedule.
The academics at Lewiston Porter are very rigorous in the AP and honors classes. They have a very good international program.
The academics at Lewiston Porter are very good. They offer many honors and AP classes. They also offer a good international program. Many clubs and a good sports program.
Lewiston Porter High School is a good school with many different academic programs and clubs. There are many opportunities for all kinds of students.
Lewiston Porter High School is a very involved school. All the teachers and administrators are always willing to help at any given time to give tips, explain something or help you through a personal problem. Lew-Port is a very small school. With it being small it allows everyone to know everyone. Majority of the kids at this school are on a first name bases with everyone which is extreme helpful. It allows everyone to feel more comfortable in the environment. The only problem I would say is that due to the school shooting in Florida recently we have become a bit more strict. Which is a good and bad things. Not strict enough to be a problem but a good amount so we stay safe within the school.
They offer many AP and college classes, and the scheduling is flexible, as I am 9th grade age, placed in tenth grade, and taking AP courses that 11th graders usually take.
I really love all of the Advanced Placement and College Level opportunities that are available. This way I'm able to get a head start on college credit.
I love going to Lewiston Porter High School. It has provided me with some many opportunities in varies fields including international studies, International Student Science Fair, many different clubs, and leadership activities. Lew-Port is an amazing school that has made a huge positive impact on my life.
This school offers a lot of different after school clubs. Each year I have been able to participate in a variety of clubs where I can try new things. There are also several national honor societies for different subjects that meet after school and do a lot of volunteer work throughout the year. The teachers get very involved in the clubs they run, and are genuinely excited to be a part of them.
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I have really enjoyed going to this school. I have made great friends, had a lot of awesome teachers, and learned a lot. The school has a huge amount of school spirit. Spirit week is always a fun time for everyone. The people in charge definitely try to make school a pleasant experience for us all, I have definitely enjoyed my time here.
Most of the teachers I have had are great. They care a lot about the students and put a lot of effort into their job. I did not choose 5 stars because I have had a few that weren't able to completely control the classroom and didnt seem to give their all when it came to teaching and grading. But, overall, I have enjoyed being a part of almost every teacher's class I have taken so far.
Athletics opportunities are available. Coaches are not very good but equipment is.
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