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I liked the ideas that Lewiston High School supported and their values as well. Although, I believe they could work towards making the school a safer place to be, not only psychically, but mentally as well.
I want to see a big shift in the dynamic of how teachers teach and appreciation that students have in learning.
For 4 years, I found family, friendship, and amazing school spirit. The teachers and coaches are great and there is nothing like a big blue pep rally. I will always be a blue devil.
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LHS is a very friendly school open to all cultures and backgrounds, school is constantly being improved and renovated, the halls of our school are starting to become filled with murals of different historical leaders of different races signifying the diversity in our school.
Something I really liked about Lewiston High School is the thrive to racism equality. In my school we have many races such as christianity, muslin, somalian, ect. Due to so much equality all of the students in my school are touched with the gift of not caring if you are black or white. In fact we care more about thriving to help ourselves and others to become better people.
I love the educational experience provided by the teachers and admin at LHS. Having experience multiple high schools I can say that Lewiston High School insures that all students can take courses that allow for them to challenge themselves. I wish the student body could have overall better school spirit.
It is good. Lots of fights, drugs, and a few teachers who aren’t the best. Overall, though, my experience so far has been pretty great.
In my high school years I have really enjoyed the engagement between the students and teachers and how well they make sure we are understanding the concept of what we are learning. I also love all of the school spirit Lewiston High School has and what they have to offer with after school activities and much more. If I could change anything I wish they didn't have the performing arts and art classes stuck in the basement.
Some teachers are really awesome, but overall, most teachers don’t care and the administration doesn’t listen to the students
Lewiston High School has a diverse student body that is all eager to learn and experience everything school has to offer. Brand new sports fields and facilities are fantastic and our sports programs have been very successful.
My experience was fair and challenging. Students were treated well and classes were well managed and organized. As for improvements, they are already underway! The school is currently improving the sports programs, facility, and grounds.
I enjoyed my time there for the reason that I was a new student in my first year and I felt welcomed by my teachers and advisors. I wish it was a little cleaner and more organized.
As a student, I am sometimes appalled at what we are served for breakfasts and lunches. Progress has certainly been made since my first year at the high school, and there are some meals that are actually quite good. But, that being said, there is still more work that needs to be done. Lewiston High School takes safety very seriously and we regularly practice lockdowns of different severities and also practice fire drills in the warmer months. We have a great system for creating clubs and other non-athletic activities; all a student needs to start a club is to have a teacher that will supervise the club on the scheduled meeting days and at least 4 other students to be in the club. Then, as long as it doesn't break any of the school rules, the club is usually okayed by the administration. We have an Aspirations Lab that is designated for students (specifically juniors and seniors) who feel like they don't know what to do after high school.
I love how diverse it is and how involved the staff are. The teachers really want to make you succeed!
Lewiston High school has been good to me these past couple years and there were some ups and downs, but I got through it. Lewiston High school is a good school with an amazing staff and an amazing diverse population of students. Even though the state of Maine is populated with mostly White people, Lewiston High school has many cultures and languages spoken in school. It’s a cool place to be for four years.
I like the diversity of the students who come to LHS from many different backgrounds. I like how the school has a Regional Technical Center attached to it where students can study their dream career from a wide range of careers. If I could change something, I would design a new wing for the disabled students to be closer to the rest of the school so that they don’t feel distanced from everyone else in the basement wing of the school where they are currently located.
Everyone is always so welcoming and positive. My past three years at this school have allowed me to grow and become the person I am today. The teachers push students to the best potential because they know how well these kids can do in the future.
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Lewiston High School is super diverse and has a great sense of community. Everyone always comes together when people around are in need. Students don’t judge and are quick to help others. Many are generous and kind and passionate about their hometown.
I liked how my school has diversity. The good we got to learn more about the people that come from different country around the world. It was amazing when we have international day and we get to see other dance. We get to eat a lot of different kind of food that we have never seen or teat before.
A good school with a lot of resources, but some things could definitely be changed. New administration is very strict and makes it difficult to feel like the school is a comfortable environment.
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