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One thing I really liked about Lewiston High School is that teachers try really hard with helping students pass. Teachers there are very caring and understanding. One thing I would probably change is how little of activities there are for everyone. I wish we could do more things as a school and as individual classes so students can get to know there other classmates.
I love my teachers and my school building but sometimes the curriculum seems out dated and useless like I am only learning for a test.
I have loved all of my teachers throughout my education in Lewiston. Their passion is to teach us not only their subject but how to succeed in life.
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When I went to Lewiston High School, I was pretty satisfied with my time. I think they could do more to prepare their students for college though, and that would be by providing them with better facilities and painting a clearer picture about what life after high school is like. It would be nice to have classes that went over how to do practical things like doing taxes, paying bills, writing checks, and just any other thing that nobody teaches you that you have to do once you get to the real world.
My experience with Lewiston High School is that it has been a good place to get my high school education. Except there are some downfalls of being an asian in a rural town. The high school does not offer education for other areas of careers besides engineering and business. Also, there is not a way to spread diversity, I think that there needs to be at least a diversity day or assembly each semester for the students to be educated.
My experience with Lewiston High School has been a long ride, a lot of improvement is needed to create a safer space within the school. The staff and administration need to be better educated on the severe effects of anxiety and depression within their students and learn how to be more compassionate. Their strict rules on attendance have caused disadvantaged students to drop out and has caused a poor reputation in the community. This school has caused over stress on their young students and a change needs to be made.
The original Lewiston High School is over 100 years old. But in 2018 the community passed a levee that would make it possible to build a new high school! The new high school will open fall of 2020 and it is expected to have state of the art facilities, new courses, and better workforce readiness programs. One thing that will remain the same from the old school is the great teachers and staff; they truly go above and beyond to make sure their students strive.
The teachers here are excellent educators and people. The courses offered are challenging at times, but many teachers stay beyond their contractual obligation and assist students who need extra help. I have been lucky enough to play with the varsity soccer team, where I have been able to become good friends with my teammates. Unfortunately, the school's culture is problematic. Incidents of hate speech and other insensitive remarks are prevalent among some students. I feel the school and administrators could do more to reprimand this sort of action in a stronger manner than they have. This sort of unwelcoming and accepting culture is evident in the debates we have as a class. Just in the past couple of months, a student cried because of another student's comments. The teacher in the class handled it well and made the student apologize. I hope the school educates students to be more accepting of others who are different because diversity is this nation's greatest strength.
What I love about Lewiston high school is the opportunities you have in regards to the Lewiston Regional Technical Center. LRTC gives you great opportunities to take classes that prepare you for what you will be doing outside of high school. There is a CNA class, law enforcement, business, medical science class etc. that are available to take. You also have opportunities to take free college classes as well. What I don't like about Lewiston high school is that most teachers fail to connect with you on a personal level. Sometimes I go a whole year without even getting to know my teacher at all.
Lewiston high school is pretty good, the teachers are willing to help students when they need it. Also the principal is willing to try and make sure we have a good time with staying involved with us by talking to us students and giving good advice. Also students are very friendly and like to share their own opinions and participate . Also students are willing to allow other students who may be by them self in groups join in on theirs. The athletics is also very great winter hockey is undefeated right now for both girls and boys. Even if they aren't doing great, there is a lot of school spirit with students attending games and cheering the team on. There is also other opportunities to be involved in the school with clubs. We have an environmental club, drama, and much more.
Over my high school career I have enjoyed attending LHS. It’s not my ideal school because I’d prefer a Christian high school but it’s all my little town has. The teachers at my school definitely show that they they want you to succeed and do your best on whatever it is, test, project or just a simple assignment. Administration can be pretty strict with the intention of keeping all students and teachers safe as best as they can.
The high school It's self is in need of repair however, a new one is currently under construction and will be completed by the start of the next academic year. It is a very safe environment and is fairly free of bullying, stealing and crime.
Lewiston High School has excellent teachers and administration that are excellent in mentoring students and investing time into their profession. The facilities are outdated, but thankfully we have a new school being built right now that the student body will move into next year. The music program is outstanding and though our school lacks a lot of diversity, the majority of students are very accepting of one another and those who are different. Both of my kids have had a positive experience at this high school.
Lewiston High School has a wide variety of classes available, but the quality of those classes can be anywhere from horrible to excellent.
I would like to see more facilities and funding. The teacher involvement in clubs encourages more students to join and participate.
The teachers here are very kind. The students are pretty good as well, for the most part. Plenty of classes to take, especially for the last two years. Cafeteria isn't too bad.
What I liked about Lewiston High School was the faculty and the teachers. Lewiston is a small city so there wasn't an overabundance of students attending and because of that, it felt like it was easier to have one on one time with the teachers if there were questions or confusion about an assignment. The faculty was very involved with the students, always holding assemblies to help get students into programs that they thought would be beneficial to them.
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I love my school because it makes all the students feel at home. We do fun activities and events throughout the year. They are many classes offered and clubs people can join. The staff is always so helpful and are there whenever you need help.
Overall I enjoyed my high school experience, although I wish there were more options available to me in terms of class options.
Overall my experience was very good at Lewiston high school. The faculty was all extremely well qualified and were great at their respective jobs and professions. The clubs were all top tier and have even started to expand to cooperation with other schools. I really enjoyed my time at LHS and only wish I got to spend more time attending than I did,
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