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Lewisburg High school has an amazing staff who really care about what they do and how their students preform. Every member of the facility does their part to make sure everything runs smoothly
I enjoyed the best buddies program. I was able to help several special needs students during my time there.
Lewisburg has been my home for the past 12 years. I have loved my time growing up here. My years in high school have been fun and I have learned so much. I can only say I would change this senior year ending. I miss my school and teacher and friends. I miss the classroom and would change that I took for granted how much I loved being there until now. Now that we cannot return to school and we may not be able to go back before the year ends, I wish I could just change my last day there. Maybe I would have stayed longer just to be there. Maybe I would have said goodbye to my favorite teachers or gotten one last minute of advice. I would change that I did not thank them in person for helping make me the person I am and the person I am going to be. I would change those things, but nothing else. I have loved my years at Lewisburg and I am thankful for every teacher, principal, counselor, janitor, cafeteria worker, librarian, and so many others that went to work every day for me. Thank you!
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Lewisburg High School is an amazing School in academics, being named the number one school in Mississippi. And this school has amazing fine arts/ music programs. The Band, choir, and Theater are quite fun to be apart of. When it comes to critics, there are not many to give.
Lewisburg High School is a great school to attend. Not only are the teachers a great help when you’re struggling but they also help you prepare for the real world after graduation.
The teachers are very helpful and the school is beautiful. I always have a good time and learn a lot. It is a good environment.
Able to select courses you need to take and others you would enjoy taking. Has early work release. Also one of the better high schools academically in Nothern Mississippi
Lewisburg is a wonderful school that is great at teaching how to be a student and how to unitize to your full potential. The environment of lewisburg is a very good environment that promotes success and great friendliness. It is easy to get along with people at lewisburg and is great for kids.
Lewisburg High School has taught me so many things. It has brought me friends and people I wish I could call family. The teachers and staff are all so supportive and are willing to help no matter what. I am so grateful to attend this wonderful school.
It’s going well at Lewisburg. My classes are challenging but God will intervene and guide me through it. I’ve have attended Lewisburg since the 6th grade and it’s has been a long ride. It is not a lot of diversity in the schools because of the rural area Lewisburg is in and the price ranges of the homes near. I’m truly blessed to be apart the Lewisburg family and they treat everyone differently. We are also top in the state in schools and our education. Lewisburg takes pride in education and I love that.
I like patriot hour at Lewisburg High School but I do not like the feeling of needing to make a perfect score on the ACT. I feel this is pushed way too much and causes the students to stress.
I’ve been at lewisburg my whole life. The school’s pretty nice. The education is good for the most part. It just likes in some classes. There’s also such a pressure for academic success and shadow on vocational or technical careers. There’s such a mental pressure in this school and honestly no counsellors, till this year, to help relieve it.
I liked the condition of the school. I did not like how we were not allowed to do a lot of stuff in pep rally's and games like other schools, and how many rules were not placed when actually needed.
I loved the school for its support for the students as well as the teachers that truly care to teach.
Lewisburg is a wonderful school. The teachers know all the students, not just the ones that they teach. Everything is very organized and safety is everything at this school. The culture is such that the students push themselves. Everyone wants to be the best. The parent support is so over the top that you have to get to functions 45 minutes early just to park and have a seat. I absolutely love this school!
My experience in Lewisburg High School is what I can say a typical high school experience, exception of the competitiveness. I love the environment to work hard and succeed in the best way. What I would love to see change is a way to seek each individual students goal to succeed by not only graduating but in each different criteria.
Lewisburg is an amazing school and has really challenged me in my academics! All the teachers help and prepare you for college!
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Transferring from a small private school to a large public school in the 11th grade was not easy. The counselor I worked with was very helpful with choosing which classes would be best for me. They only have two counselors and definitely need another; they were often overwhelmed and could not help all the students. Most of the teachers I have had were very nice and taught very well. I was never informed about any clubs and they never had new student opportunities. I was on the basketball team for a few months before an injury forced me to quit. The coaches were very nice but my teammates were very disrespectful and rude. I think the parents at the school are very involved, maybe too involved. Often the administration will not work with students unless parents get involved. The high school building is clean, but it has grown a lot and they need to expand. Some teachers have to move around to other classes during teachers off-periods.
I absolutely loved being apart of Lewisburg High School. All of the teachers are amazing. They go out of their way to help you with what you need. They are very smart and help you learn things the way that best fits your learning abilities. Even though we might not have classes that help us when we get out into the real world, you can ask them for advice and they would gladly give you what they think would be best to help you. You are easily able to build a good teacher/student relationship.
As a student at Lewisburg, I really enjoyed my teachers and the staff. Everyone was caring and helpful. Some would go out of their way to make sure the students were prepared for the next step in life and make sure they felt love from someone. One thing I did not like would have to be the unfair treatment between female and male sports. As a former female athlete of Lewisburg, it was very irritating to see the males take priority over the girls and to see them get more recognition that we did.
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