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A great school. I live all of the teachers I have had as well as the administration we talk to every day. With the recent shutdown because of Covid-19, they have done an excellent job creating a flexible, engaging distance learning program for all of the students.
I liked the general support by the majority of teachers and the opportunities that the students are able to experience. I would value more towards athletics and funding and maybe consider altering our school system to be more conscientious of our impact on the local environment.
Great experience all around, good staff, fantastic athletics. Upgrade in some of facilities could help.
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Lewis Mills is a great school. My freshmen year sports were pretty big, but over time they definitely grew. One problem I found when participating in sports is that all the attention is put on girls and boys soccer and basketball. After sporting events the morning announcements consisted of five minutes talking about soccer and five seconds talking about crew, volleyball and field hockey. The teachers at mills are all very kind and make sure to include all students. Student wise, there were a lot of cliques. The older you get the better everyone gets along.
I have spent 1 year at Lewis Mills so far. I’ve had a great experience. The teachers are very compliance and the school offers a lot of courses and classes. The school also lets students have a voice and many times a week there are surveys for students to take to better the school.
There's a lot of opportunities to take a variety of classes from AP subjects to tech classes to music and arts classes. The staff if incredibly helpful and kind, and will ensure that every student can succeed.
It was not a bad experience but I wish it was better. The kids were clicky, once in a friend group you really had no where else to go. The teachers were okay but math and science they were not helpful. Classes gave a lot of busy work.
During my time at Lewis S. Mills High School, I enjoyed the amount of freedom we were given. I always felt I had plenty of options, whether that be in classes, teachers clubs or more. Most of the teachers here at Lewis Mills are very helpful and engaging both during and after class. I have rarely had a negative experience with a teacher. Additionally the faculty here is very helpful and accommodating, something that I've recognized and appreciated in recent years. However the school isn't perfect. We've recently become dependent on new personal computers that barely work, along with poor internet connections. These technical issues can turn some classes into nightmares, as getting the computers to work at the pace of the class is sometimes impossible. Regardless of this and other small gripes, I have really enjoyed my time here at Lewis S. Mills.
From attending Lewis Mills for 3 years, i believe it is a good school students will succeed at. The academics are the strongest asset this school has. Throughout the years, students that have attended this school found success academically, and in the real world. Despite being in a small town, Lewis Mills offers many opportunities to help the community, peers, and others in Connecticut.
It is an average school. Technology usage is on the rise yet wifi issues are very common.
Teachers are typically helpful when you contact them.
Bathrooms tend to be a common issue of being closed due to vandalism from students.
Lunch isn't too bad. I bring my lunch for personal preference.
I liked the school size, it wasn't too big or too small. Teachers for the most part were helpful and were willing to take time out of their day to help students. Not a very diverse school as Burlington and Harwinton are small towns with a majority caucasian population.
High school is difficult enough on its own, there is the increased pressure of a social life, the increased school work, and sports and clubs. High school is made easier by Lewis Mills. The majority of the teachers use their resources and abilities, not only to get you to know, but to understand. Even though there is limited diversity, the sports and school culture are well known. Lewis Mills is overall a great place for your high school experience.
athletics are very good, academics aren't too challenging. The teachers are very helpful and try to make the environment positive and engaging
I enjoy my school, and feel like Bette student outreach programs could be put in place. Otherwise I do like the school, and felt very comfortable when I transferred there by senior year.
Overall, Lewis S. Mills High School is an excellent school. Its community is very friendly and helpful towards each other; we are almost like a little family.My experience over the years has been nothing short of a fantastic and extremely educational. I was obviously overwhelmed starting high school not knowing where anything is as a freshman, but I adapted quite well with the help of friendly staff and Link Leaders- (upperclassmen who help underclassmen). I have gained so much knowledge throughout my years here at LSM, especially with the help of some of the most kind, patient, and generous teachers I have ever had. All of the programs here are great. There are many classes as well as electives to choose from. If you cannot find what you are looking for in a class, we have a huge variety of clubs! Everything ranging from book club, to humanitarian club, to Future Business Leaders of America.
I had a great four years at Lewis Mills. Most teachers were very approachable and kind. The school has an amazing art program, and a clean environment.
I liked the joining sports teams and competing against other schools. Danger zones and thunder dome games were fun ones to attend.
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It’s a smaller school so I was able to know most of the students. Most of the people are friendly and inviting. The clubs were a great way to meet new people and try new things. It’s electives which are classes that are not core classes are nice for college readiness because you are able to take courses that you might be interested in and see if you like them. Also you are able to take difficult classes if you wish.
I loved mills! All my teachers were super helpful and I made connections with many of them. All the students are also very nice and it has great culture.
Lewis Mills and Region 10 as a whole have provided me with endless resources throughout my time as a student. Not only are staff supportive of the students, but the relationships built between staff and students are very long lasting. There are so many things for students to get involved in, and if there’s not an organization for your interest, staff are very willing to help you out in creating that organization.
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