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I wish people other than athletes were recognized. I also wish there was more diversity. Some of the teachers are awesome, but others don’t seem to care unless you’re a perfect, overly involved student.
Overall good school
Good and bad just like most public schools. Strong girls volleyball program. Mrs Thirkell is a very good math teacher.
I love my school. Lewis-Palmer High School is contains an element of excellence. They pride the high academics while still loving to help others. Our school spirit out stages all of Colorado.
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I enjoyed teacher involvement and their efforts to prepare you for the real world and potentially college. Some teachers are amazing, some not so much. If I could change anything, I would ask them to fix up their English department a bit as my freshmen to junior year all my English teachers were different and seemed lost of what we were doing. The science department is fantastic and many teachers will help to tutor and stay after school if need be. I am not overly thrilled with the efforts put forward by the counseling department, however I understand they are busy.
Lewis Palmer is a very accepting program; not only is the student body nonjudgmental, but the facility is also very inclusive. I am able to walk through the halls confidently. Despite living in a small town with little diversity, LPHS is oddly understanding of how beautiful diversity is and accepting differences is the right thing to do. My only complaint is the lack (and when I say lack I mean none at all) of funding that goes towards the arts. LPHS blows thousands on the sports teams, and gives no money to any art programs. It is disturbing and disappointing. But, all and all Lewis Palmer feels like a safe environment.
Excellent administration and teachers who care about growing the students in a positive way. Great kids and supportive parents who, overall, are respectful. Down to earth environment where kids are seen as individuals pursuing their own path unique to their needs and interests.
So far, Lewis-Palmer High School has been an amazing school. All of the teachers are dedicated and do their job wonderfully. I have felt very comfortable in the school and the culture is vibrant and energetic. The student body is very inclusive and there is something for everyone at LP. I know that I can always count on any of the teachers/administrators/counselors to help me if I need the help.
Lewis-Palmer High School has exemplary teachers, coaches, and resources. The school also has a variety of clubs and activities for students. It consistently produces graduates that have gone to prestigious colleges and universities. Students are encouraged to take AP coursework and try their hardest. The math, science, and technology departments are exceptional and have the best teachers in the school. All of the teachers are welcoming and friendly and they care about their students, both in and out of the classroom. Many of them are also involved in clubs or sports outside of school. Sports are good, if only slightly better than average. The administration was average, however there has been changes in leadership since I graduated.
I would say the school is pretty straight forward. It's a high school that can get you where you want to be in the future, all you have to do is work for it. Most of the teachers are fantastic, but all my previous English teachers have been horrific except for one (That means 1/4 from both freshman and sophomore year was good). The school does have a drug problem, but what high school doesn't. I do have to say for someone who was bullied most of my elementary years (at a different school district), there are barely any bullies so I have had a fun time during high school.
My experience at Lewis-Palmer has been difficult. I moved to Colorado from Bangkok, Thailand, where I had amazing schooling at one of the top international schools in the world. There, I had made great connections with my teachers and fellow students, but I found it very difficult to do so at Lewis-Palmer because everyone had grown up together and found their cliques. Most of the teachers I had seemed to have a lack of motivation to better the education of their students. I found that instead of pushing students to excel, teachers were plotting against their students and making learning feel more and more impossible to exceed in.
Over the past four years, my time at Lewis palmer has been overall very good. My favorite part about it is the culture that we have there and our high level of success in sports. On the academics side, the teachers were mostly great and super knowledgeable and helpful.
LPHS is an excellent school with a large number of AP and college courses that are offered. They have Project Lead the Way classes and caring teachers. I love being a part of the dance team and having such a supportive staff.
The academics here are fantastic, although some teachers lack in their willingness to teach. Sports across the board are above average and school spirit is important at every game. The student body at Lewis Palmer is by far the best part of being at this school.
Most of the staff is very nice. i love the art department!! Mrs. Vrieze is the best math teacher I've had. The english department needs work but Ms. Mo is a great grammar teacher and very nice lady. The sports are great. I love the golf coaches, Greg and Larry, and love the swimming coach Laura day. LPHS many swim team members qualify for 5A state and manages to place top five overall with having the smallest team in 5A. The weight room at Lewis Plamer is very nice and Ms. Shatz is a great weights teacher especially for females! Tupper is also a great weights teacher.
I will be a senior at this school this year and I can't tell you how unprepared I am for graduation and going out into the "real world." Most of the teachers treat their students like absolute garbage and even the new principle doesn't do anything to help. Some students are kind enough to help each other out and a few teachers too but every year, I've had multiple mental breakdowns.
Lewis-Palmer High School offered me the a superior education through intelligent and caring teachers, rigorous standards for my academics and my character as a student, varied opportunities for clubs and activities, and a safe and loving learning environment. I would recommend LPHS for anyone looking for a school that will go above and beyond preparing students for college and for a school that will grow students physically, socially, mentally. The teachers and administrators will go above and beyond to not only educate their students, but they will invest into each of their students lives.
Many of the teacher were great. Monument is not a diverse place so there are a lot of white conservatives. The science department is great and so is the social studies. Some things about the administration could change because they took away our spirit days and our senior prank.
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I loved my teachers- they actually wanted to be there and really cared. I was able to challenge myself in high quality AP and Honors classes. I received encouragement and support from teachers for things going on outside the home. Spirit days were fun, even though our football team was a flop. Learning and challenging yourself is valued there. The theater program is amazing. I was also able to take college classes at Pikes Peak Community College and LP paid for them.
I enjoyed the fun, uplifting atmosphere at Lewis Palmer. Everyday was different because of our blocked schedule, and other fun activities our student council would put together. My teachers were always wonderful, and I learned a lot in the four years that I went there!
Lewis Palmer did an amazing job of making me a well rounded student who is prepared for college. I enjoyed every day there. The school spirit for sports was great because parents showed it as well. Every day the teachers would try their hardest to prepare us for the next days, weeks, months, or years to come. Lewis Palmer is a warm home to all that includes all. Everyone works hard for what they achieve, and is diligent in everything. I am proud to say that I attended Lewis Palmer high school because they encourage academic achievement, good character, good leadership, and have amazing school involvement.
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