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The education system is fine i guess but its not really that fun. so many of the teachers cant teach/are awful graders. the kids are miserable here and there is always something to complain about. we basically have no fun. the school tries to act like they provide fun things for us but its just a bunch of lame and cheap stuff. thereś so much homework andweŕe all so stressed out. the girl pe coaches barely give us time to change. it sucks here. dont enroll.
This school would be a good school if the staff and administration wasn't so stubborn and actually at least pretended they cared about the kids. The supervisors at lunch are like prison guards, stay behind the red line, don't make any physical contact with anyone else or it's PDA and god forbid you show your love and affection to your best friends. I understand that we shouldn't be wearing sweaty clothes from PE, but kids should be allowed to wear their own clothes, they'll feel more comfortable in them. When everyone wears the same clothes, looking down at the courts when everyone is doing their walk and jog, it looks like a prison courtyard. There are a handful of teachers who I love and really seem involved and care for every student they teach but some teachers just seem to care about their lessons, but not the kids. Unless your child is really open minded to everything, don't try to put anyone through the three years this school provides, it'll feel like a lifetime.
There is band and orchestra. Which i thought was the best in the district. All the teachers really helped the students learn their instrument and they were available before and after school for help.
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This school helped me understand the importance of rules and doing homework. It really prepared me for high school and if i had to go back to middle school i definitely would. The school was very welcoming and it also great at transitioning the 5th graders into 6th grade and started the work load off slow for them.
The teachers try hard to get the children to get their work done and become friendly and personable with the students. Sometimes they are around after school, but they too have work to do. They make learning fun and interesting
I would choose this school again because some teachers were really nice and helpful and because my time at this school helped me make new friendships with other people.
Some teachers just speed up with their lessons and other teachers try to get students that have a good grade in that class to help the students struggling instead of the teacher.
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