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Lewis J Bennett High School Of Innovative Technology Reviews

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These past 2 years have been great at Bennett. The teachers and the faculty care about you. Each grade has a meeting every 5 weeks where the principal lets us know how many classes we are failing. He also motivates us to do better. This is really helpful in my opinion. My favorite part is that we celebrate success! Each month, the principal hands out student of the month awards. The only part I don't like is that the principal doesn't let you switch classes if you do not like that particular class. This makes no sense to me honestly. Overall, a great school.
This school has really changed. it's a technology school. The administrators really care about us and they will make sure that the students are in the right path for graduation. Teachers are very helpful. Most will stay after school to help any students with whatever they need help with. The principal and the assistant principal are the best! They will listen to students. We have some great clubs and sport teams as well. Security is pretty good inside the building. I have always felt safe. One thing I don't like is that student's are not allowed to use their cellphones. I guess those are just the rules. Overall, Bennett is a great school to attend!
My experience at Bennett High School has been a interesting experience. I took Forensics and business classes with a number of teachers. Those classes helped me out with the how the world words. From how things grow to the requirements of owning a company and the outcome for that. The teachers here are amazing, through out my four years of high school if they weren't so strict i would have been doing horribly in my classes. The one thing id like to she change personally I would say the bathrooms and the stalls need to be remodeled. Inside some of the stalls are a disaster and the doors are either broken or to small. That's the only thing i would want to fix oh and the school lunches of course.
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The school enforces both health and safety policies. We always practice good health eating good lunches everyday. We also always participate in Health and Wellness days where we take the time to learn exercises and healthy eating habits. We also practice safety drills all the time.
School has been great. Over the past 3 years i have grown and matured a lot. I have watched many great people come out of Bennett High School. Our school is like one bug family.
It's sometimes managable but when you have tests after tests and college classes and work and having to do things at home it can get very stressful. Our teachers give us some time at the end of class to work on any homework if we have any.
We take those things very serious and someone is feeling unsafe they can talk to anyone. Teachers are always available to talk. The things that happen will be confidential and no one will find out.
Our extracurricular activities change through out the year. It's open to any and anybody who wants to join. They usually are 1-2 hours afterschool for sports and about 1 hour for clubs.
I think over the last 4 years of attending Bennett high school it has been the most exciting thing ever. I've met so many people here and I'm thankful for having this opportunity. I've been on many sports teams and clubs , I even cheered at the Ralph Wilson Stadium 2 years in a row. I tried many new things in high school and I think that's why I'm the person am today. I'm open to new things and new people.
The teachers here are always available for afterschool help and are always available after class.
It's the best because we have more enough security to help us out
I Chose ok because some of the teacher work with students well will and don't care about the rest. They don't help other equal. That's why at Bennett High School it's everybody for them self
I stayed and tried out for the volleyball team. I made it and I became team captain. I also stayed after school to help others and to help other teachers out to decorate there class room.
I Chose great because they thought me how to prepare essays. One time I didn't know how to start off an essay. Once I came to Bennett High School I love to write them.
My overall experience at this school was great.
The school food services is goo but the lunches are nasty.
The school administration and policies that affect the students and parents is very important to the school because they want to farther student education but they don't want student and parent having to deal with school violation. The principal involvement is like he don't suspend student he give them in school suspension so they don't miss school. When student are getting bullied the principal have a meeting with the student parent to solve the problem with the students and stop to the bullying. The dress code is every student has to wear there uniforms because that the school policies. Every student has to be to school on time because it can be a problem with there attendance like student grades will go down.
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The athletics and fitness opportunities at this school are great. After school the students go to the gym to workout or go to the track field an run. The team performance is great the team player encourage each other to do better and work together. The fan support is great parents,student,teacher,and outsider support there school. The school spirit is awesome the student and teacher have events everyone participants in them. The fitness program are for students that do sports and they work hard to get the tone of there body.
The teacher at this school are very nice, caring and loving teachers. The overall quality of the teachers is they want the student to approve there grades, attendance and best performance in class. The teacher teaching styles in class they go over the class lesson for the students to understand, help students with wok and give homework. There interest in students is the like hard working, respectful, and participant. The communication skills is great the student, teacher and staff understand each other. The consistency in grading is on doing there work, hand in work, do homework, and participating in class
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are good because they help the students achieve there goals and dreams. The type of clubs and organization in this school is Hillside organization, Canisius Tutoring organization and College success center.
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