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Lewis County High School Reviews

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Overall decent school could improve through with organization. Teachers are super friendly however classrooms are packed and make it a horrible learning environment.
Lewis County High School is a very good school. The teachers and students are all very welcoming and are fun to be around. I have made some great friends that will be with me all my life and I have met teachers that will continue to encourage me throughout my life.
An overall decent school. The passionate faculty are the best quality about this school. Although most aspects of Lewis County High School are average at best, there are some redeeming qualities.
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Lewis County High School has a n excellent music and arts program. The teachers are highly educated and passionate about passing on the knowledge and love of arts that they have. The band is an award winning group that shows the relationship of a family. The theater program is where I learned what I truly want to do with my life. No matter the score I give this school, I will be eternally grateful for the music and arts passion it has given me.
I’ve learned a lot from my teachers. The administration is very nice. Overall the teachers are excellent.
It is an average school with facilities that students need. . . .
Lewis County isn’t the best school to go to, but it’s not the worst. We lack good teachers. It would be a better place if we had better teachers and better food.
Lewis county high school is a very upbeat, outgoing school. The teachers and faculty are always eager to help anyone in need and provoke academic success through not only teaching, but sharing life experiences as well. The atmosphere is very positive, and most peers are very enthusiastic. Lewis County High School offers various opportunities to join clubs such as the gamers club, or botany, and the same goes for sports. College classes are offered as is mentoring if someone is in need. In my personal opinion Lewis County High School offers so much to help aid and support the success of its student, faculty, and teachers all the while creating memories that will last forever.
The best thing about this school are the music programs. With both band and choir, students are exposed to many opportunities for growth. However, in other areas, the school does very little to prepare students for college. Classes cater to lower level students and provide no challenges for other students. In fact, administration claims that the only two stipulations for graduating are doing your homework and showing up.
I was very active in many organizations during high school and was glad to have those opportunities.
Lewis County does not have a very good education system. They fail to teach you the things you will actually need in life, or the information you would need to further your education if you chose to. The school itself also needs physical upgrades: new bathrooms, locks on the stalls, fresh coats of paint, etc.
School is clean and provides good education. Mostly good teachers. The school could probably use some more counselors.
The teachers were always there to help you in any way that you needed. The teachers were nice and always explained things when you were confused.
Over the four at Lewis County High School, I enjoyed my time there and I really liked the experience. The faculty were always nice and helpful to me.
In my 4 years at Lewis County High School, I've had a lot of fun! They weren't kidding when the said it would go by super fast; and that it would be some of the best years of your life. I've made friendships and relationships to peers and staff, that I will cherish forever. Some of my best memories are playing soccer with my teammates or "getting rowdy" at home football games with the pep club. My teachers have been incredible mentors and role models for me to do amazing things with my life. The only things I'd really want to change is the overall condition of the facilities, especially the restrooms, and the college readiness.
Joining a club or organization is easy. There are all sorts of extracurricular activities this school offers.
I have a lot of school spirit. I like this school a lot and what it is doing. I've had a lot of fun times here and very great memories.
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Most teachers are very good at what they do. They are friendly and are willing to help and their goal is for students to succeed.
The food program is funded by the state, and may, with an idealistic approach, be "healthiest", but it is seriously some of the nastiest garbage that could ever be fed to children. It's not technically the school's fault, but something definitely needs to change.
The school os really big on sports.
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