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My experience at Lewis County High School was nothing glamorous, due to some of the conceited staff and the rambunctious students. Many times, I heavily considered dropping out and completing my GED at another time, but persevered because I spent my time counting the days down until I would graduate, realizing that although a few of my teachers rarely were present to teach their classes, I was responsible enough to get the work done and make something of myself. Now that I'm practically out of there, I feel a huge weight off of my shoulders, knowing I'll never be burdened by the judgemental atmosphere of that school again. I'm aware many schools are like this, but I personally believe that we as students need a better learning environment if we are expected to uphold this world as our ancestors have.
Lewis County High School is a very small high school located in Vanceburg Ky. The teachers and staff are very supportive and students are like family. The only thing I would change about Lewis County High is more extra curricular involvement from students.
Not enough classes to teach you about the real world. Doesn't really prepare you for college, just a lot of state testing preparation.
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I like how the teachers are always kind and understanding to the students, they always make sure to check if they can understand the subject their teaching and they make sure everyone is keeping up with the work.
My experience at Lewis County High School has been fairly good. I liked how involved my teachers were to help me succeed. I would like to see the discipline structure change and focus on the big problems of the school rather than the minor time-wasting issues.
I love this school, it has been a place I have met so many supportive peers and teachers. I cannot wait to see the school grow even more with diversity and added sports and clubs.
Yeah, our school isn't the most wealthy, but what makes it so great is the people that are in it. The people here probably have the greatest morals of any county or state I know. I am so proud to be a student at Lewis County High School, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
I have enjoyed attending Lewis County High School. I have met amazing friends and some wonderful teachers. They take safety very seriously. My only problems are with the restrooms (they need upgraded).
Lewis County High School is a small school that has a lot of great opportunities for its students. The vocational program is through the Foster Meade Career Technical Center, where students can take steps towards their future careers.
I would like to see the adults care more about the mental wellbeing of the students. I cried once in class and the teacher saw me and didn't say anything. Everyone in the class felt bad for me but it made me feel worse that the techer didn't care.
I absolutely love Lewis county high school because i have discovered a whole nother family while being a member of the lewis county marching band of pride and i have learned to have fun and love every part of school.i love every part of are school system
I had a very positive experience in high school that has allowed me to prosper and adapt well to college.
Lewis County High School is a very good school. Everyone gets along and is pretty close due to the small size. Classes are small and the teachers will know you by name. Overall, this school has taught me a lot and I feel that I am prepared to have a successful future.
I like how the teachers made us prepared for not only for state test, but for the future as students and adults. One thing I would like to see change is the amount of staffing. The school is constantly looking for substitute teachers.
LCHS really left me wishing I had more opportunities. I wouldn't recommend this school. It does have its charm, though, being in such a small town with some really nice people. Still, it's not somewhere I would aspire to be.
LC is a small high school that looks out for the interest of its students. I loved that I have so many opportunities from academics to sports to music of all kinds. I can express myself on the stage in drama or anywhere from the gym to the field on my instrument.
LCHS tries each and everyday to make our school a better place, and environment for us students and our education. They are trying to make us have a good school to learn at and one day be a top school that parents would actually want to send their children to. Lewis County has the rights, privileges, and policies that many schools don't have. The things the facility and staff do at LCHS everyday is for the protection, future, and well being of the students. They work so that one day we can be competent, confident, courageous people with a good career and future. So that we don't have to worry about the issues many children in other schools, districts​, states, and countries, who aren't able to have an education.
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I don't like how they do not handle bullying the way the school should, but the academics are terrific!
It is a somewhat sheltered school. Students aren't really encouraged to explore or accept diversity, which I view as something necessary in the growing culture of the United States. However, it is an intimate setting with teachers and faculty trying to make every single student feel involved. I don't know a single schoolmate that doesn't have at least one teacher they would consult with over something bothering them. I am very grateful that the staff takes time to try to make the most of our education, I only disapprove of the attitude of some student's toward change and effort. To an extent, I believe it is up to the school to invest in cultural diversity interests.
Our teachers put a lot of time in their work. There are a few that are inconsistent with grading, but overall we have a very good school filled with great teachers.
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