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I myself had gotten a decent education out of attending Lewis County High School. If we sought it, more challenging courses were available for us, such as dual enrollment. The environment in the school can vary, however. A lot of the teachers and staff play "favorites" even though they claim not to. It is also located in a town where you get the special treatment if your last name is well-known and liked. Football is also like a religion there. The football players are treated like the kings of the school.
I like the teachers and staff. There are career focused classes for everyone, especially the medical field.
My favorite thing about Lewis County High School, is how close all of our students are. We are like a big family, especially our senior class. We always have a ton of fun at school functions and team spirited activities, but I wish we did more of them.
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I liked the small town feel, although the teachers need to be alittle bit more helpful and be serious about education. They need to focus on the students more.
This place was an absolute joke. Most of the teachers were football coaches that were lazy and only did the bare minimum. I will leave this place in May not really having a proper education. I would never send my child to this circus that they claim is a "diverse learning experience" school.
No preparation for college or life after high school. All they care about are sports and money. Horrible attendance policy. Our “nutritional” lunches were a joke. They rarely ever offered us fresh fruits or vegetables, but usually settled for juices or frozen fruit cups drowned in sugar. Collective punishment is common. Seldom do they ever punish the one or few that actually did something wrong. DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE IF YOU LOVE THEM
The school is relatively safe and clean environment. I would like to see more college readiness. There should be less emphasis on sports and more on academics.
I had a pretty good time there. Most of the teachers were quite good, but a few didn't seem very interactive. There were very few clubs, and beta club (the years that it actually happened) didn't actually do anything. The food was okay. There wasn't much diversity, and most everyone knew each other. Since everyone else knew each other, it made it pretty difficult for a newcomer like me to enter starting my junior year.
We could have more emphasis on academics rather than just football. More clubs for merit students.
Wonderful teachers who care. Not a lot of options for getting ahead. There aren't real "honors" classes, and very few college options.
At LCHS, we work to put forward the bare minimum, so that is what I am reflecting in my review: what I have been taught to do. We have an occasional teacher that tries to teach, but generally we merely scrape by. Teachers do not teach lessons with interest in educating the students. They instead teach to earn a paycheck and to help themselves sleep at night knowing they won't get fired.
Every teacher I've had cared a lot about his or her students and didn't care to take extra time to help students who needed it.
No security measures other visitor sign in. No school nurse on the premises.
I was in yearbook, HOSA, science club, tennis team, cheerleading and more.
I was able to play a huge part in our school. Yearbook editor, cheerleading captain, homecoming queen and class favorite. High school was truly amazing for me.
Never had a bad teacher there!
The only issue we happen to have is the bullying problems, we still have many students being bullied on a daily basis. None of the teachers seem to help or address the problem with bullying.
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My school offers many extracurricular activities outside of school. Although I have only been involved in band, I have had many friends involved in the other groups. I have yet to hear someone say anything negative towards any of our groups.
Most of the students parents at my school aren't to involved with their child, nor do they care much about the child.
Most of the teachers go above and beyond to help, some don't do much to help students at all.
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