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I enjoyed the time I spent there. I just wish they gave students more of a reason to work hard. It is really easy to get lazy there.
Lewis central Highschool was amazing for the most part. Some of the teachers I didn't get along with but majority were awesome. The activities were amazing and made my high school experience one for the ages. Football games were awesome and crazy. Basketball games against AL were awesome! The wrestling team is the best in the city by far! The school prepares you for anything including sports and college in general!
I was here for two years, and I am extremely grateful for my opportunities. Winning banners at large group speech and learning lots from my teachers was a wonderful experience here.
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Lewis Central I have gone to my entire life and my experience there has been pretty good overall. I haven't really had any problems ever there and a lot of the teachers are nice and caring and good teachers. I would say the classes and academics are pretty good as well because we have high standards with our grading scale and our classes. At Lewis Central there are lots of options and diversity as well, for classes and activities so everyone can find something that they're interested in. I would say overall the school has a good environment and is a really caring and passionate school district. If there was anything I would change or could improve it would probably be smaller things like the food or a little bit better resources.
My experience with Lewis Central Senior High School was good. They have a variety of programs to help students figure out what they like and possibly what they want to do as a career. The teachers push students to do their best in classes and give them the support they need to do that.
Lewis Central is a very good school with great teachers, opportunities, and students. The atmosphere of the student body is fairly friendly. It's easy to find friends and fit in. Generally everyone is accepting of differences and bullying isn't much of an issue. The teachers are great with helping students personal needs and finding new opportunities for each one to grow. The food could be better but from what I've heard from transfer students coming to LC, our food is pretty good compared to theirs. We have a wide variety of options and the kitchen staff is more than happy to make independent meals for kids with certain allergies. Lewis Central is a good place for different students of all race, religion, and orientation to learn and grow in a safe environment and it has done a great job of preparing me for the next step in life.
Besides required courses, there were a lot of additional courses available that pertained to my interests. There is also the availability of college credit courses and AP courses. The food selection in the cafeteria really needs some help. You are taking your life into your own hands when exiting the parking lot after school, this is probably the same at most high schools.
I love Lewis Central. As a transfer student I really enjoy all of the possible activities that I could participate in. I really loved the show choir that I joined and that really helped my experience at the school. It helped me make more friends than I ever had at my old school and helped me find one of my passions in singing and performing. That is not the only thing that I enjoyed doing. I also was a manager for the basketball team and they were very nice and including. I always felt like I was a part of the team even though I was only a manager at the time.
I went to school at Lewis Central High School for all of my high school, my experience was good. Everyone at the school is polite and friendly and always helps you if you need it. You have many chances to get a head start on your college by taking many college credit classes at the school or at the local college, this is very beneficial. I wouldn't really change much about the school because I had a great experience while I was there.
Lewis Central is quite the strange school. We have some of the richest kids in the area and some of the poorest. We're a 90% white school, but we make up for the lack of racial diversity with our income diversity. Our school isn't the best at anything. We're good at a lot of things, even great at some. Unfortunately we just aren't good enough to be the best at anything.
Lewis Central was great to me and my family because I got involved. Teachers genuinely care about student's and student success. And there are young new initiatives in all schools.
Absolutely loved the environment everyone there was upbeat. The staff is always willing to help out. And everything is just very organized.
I enjoy going to Lewis Central High School is because I am exposed to wonderful teachers that show you endless possibilities of what you can do. From being different types to engineers to something simple like how to make Youtube videos. The one thing I would like see is more diversity, but compared to others schools in the area this is a great place to see what you are passionate about.
The teachers have been so supportive my entire school career. They made me feel like I mattered, and they were personally invested in my success. I do wish there was more ethnic diversity.
The students are all very friendly and the staff is very willing to go the extra mile and is always there for help and guidance.
The teachers were always helpful and wanted students to succeed. The sports and activities were very successful and it made it a great time. It is a very friendly envioronment for all students as well. There is something for everyone to do.
I loved my experience at Lewis Central. There is a wide variety of students and everyone fits in. I enjoyed being friends with people from all different backgrounds and people with different interests/hobbies than me. There is clubs of all sorts for everyone. It's a very positive environment for your child to be in!
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I've always had pretty great teachers, there's been a few here and there that I didn't enjoy but that is going to happen wherever you go. I've never had any major problems with other students. There's a few things the school should probably fix around the building but for the most part it's a well kept high school.
Overall Lewis Central is a good school. I would recommend going there. I started attending there in Middle School and had trouble fitting in. It seemed if you were not in a sport than you didn't matter. I eventually made friends but they weren't very supportive for my academics. I found my support in my teachers. I feel the administration could do a better job integrating new students.
One thing that I enjoyed about Lewis Central is the flexability; it let students be in multiple activities. Participating in a variety of activities helped me figure out how to work with people as well as my strengths and weaknesses.
Where I would like to see change is in the staffs interest in the students. A lot of the teachers are simply not that passionate about what they do and it makes it really hard to learn. I would also like for the academics to be stronger and more challenging. The overall ACT scores show that the student body is not on the higher end.
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