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I loved my high school experience. A select few teachers and coaches were not well-suited for their position, but overall I made really great connections with my teachers. I found a great group of friends. Aside from the last half of junior year, I had a very relaxed, drama-free high school experience and I attribute that to the environment that LC provided.
Great student involvement in clubs, activities, etc. Teachers were all around great in every aspect!
I liked a lot of the teachers at Lewis and Clark. I did not at all like the administration. They were not at all understanding. They provided no respect for the students. They treated the high-schoolers like they were in preschool. Students were given no freedom or trust. Very poor administration.
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Although the physical school might be in a weird location, it is a wonderful atmosphere with amazing teachers that care about and build relationships with their students. At this school teachers are considered your friends.
Lewis & Clark taught me a lot of skills that will help me in the future, the teachers are great and all of the staff makes me feel welcome.
I loved the academic awareness of the staff and the genuine passion from the administration and teachers to invest in the students future. There are many ways to get involved with a diverse group of professionals leading different clubs and sports. Lewis and Clark has prepared me for my future in a combination of ways. This includes the combination of different activities such as DECA and Drama. Both of these activities has taught me professionalism and clear communication skills which has led me to countless job opportunities. Overall, Lewis and Clark has excelled their students to the next step in life and invested a great amount into their teachers to receive they results they strive for.
I loved being a student at Lewis and Clark. I was on the women's soccer team, and also involved in several clubs. I truly felt cared for and looked out for by the staff and community at Lewis and Clark, had a wonderful 4 years there!
I moved to Spokane this past August (2019) and was greeted with welcoming arms at Lewis and Clark High School. I came from a school that didn’t have much college readiness help, and Lewis and Clark completely changed that for me. They have incredible resources and the teachers and faculty are invested in your learning. The arts programs are very well funded and, even though our sports teams aren’t very good, they are well funded as well. There is an issue with kids clogging the toilets on purpose, and other problems, but the faculty attempts their hardest to handle these issues.
Lewis and Clark is a great place to attend high school. It is renowned for its stellar academics and it lives up to that. The music and arts programs are a little outshined, but they are still strong departments that connect a lot of students.
Everyone at LC has their own little group that they fit in with. I am heavily involved in drama and am really enjoying it. Would love to really see the administration crack down on vaping as well as teacher performance for some teachers.
Lewis and Clark High School is a very good school overall. The Staff there is mostly very friendly and helpful. One of the only bad experience that I have had concerns the music department. Music teacher Dan Nord is condescending and hypercritical. I really enjoyed my time at Lewis and Clark when it came to sports although some older coaches seem to be stuck in their ways and not willing to learn what is the most effective strategy for success.
There is a great sense of community at this school. However, the teachers are not always the best or the brightest and there are limited options for classes. Despite this, the administration does well to meet the individual needs of each of its students.
Lewis and Clark is a welcoming, advanced, and diverse high school with opportunity for any student. This school offers a club/activity for any student and prepares students for any post high school route they choose to take. Teachers are always there to help students before and after school hours. Overall, Lewis and Clark has outstanding academics which prepare their students for college success, and activities of many kinds, from Spanish Club to Ping Pong club. Anyone can find their place at Lewis and Clark.
Lewis and Clark offered a great high school experience both in education and extra-curricular activities. Choices of advanced classes with great teachers gave me and my classmates a great education. The drama, music, and debate programs made my experience more fun and enhanced my education by expanding it and applying it to other fields.
Lewis and Clark High School has the same problems as any other public school. However, the way they address these issues is what makes the school exemplary. Simply walking through the hallways, there are many student-made anti-bullying posters with inspiring messages. The school has many programs made by their students that feed those who can not always afford food or clothes that have spread throughout the district. For instance, the Tiger Closet gives away clothing and the food recycling program persuades students to put unwanted, unexpired food in bins to hand out later. Though administrators try, I believe they could do a bit better at following through with parent contact, though they still do pretty well considering how large the school is.
It is a very good school. The Library is closed most days which isn't that good. The food also kinda sucks. The population is good with diversity.
Offers a wide variety of classes, especially AP courses. Most of the teachers really love what they teach give reasonable amounts of work. People don't really participate in spirit days or anything, unless it's rubber chicken. Not too clique-y.
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My husband and I are both Alumni of Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, WA. Our oldest daughter just graduated from this school in 2019 and our youngest daughter will graduate from this school in 2020. A unique feature of Lewis and Clark is that the school is located in the heart of Downtown Spokane. The student body is very diverse and that is celebrated. The academics are great with a large variety of elective classes. The school has a high standard for grades among student athletes and is a top school in the state for this. The teachers, students and alumni have a very strong school spirit. This spirit traditionally carries on after you graduate. As the saying goes... "It takes a little more to be a tiger!"
Lewis and Clark is a great high school. The unique open campus and one lunch schedule gives every student extra time for clubs and help from teachers in classes. It’s possible and encouraged to be a part of many different communities within LC. The english, math, and drama departments are superb! The only issue is some lack of care from students in the environment of the school, specifically during lunch when food is left on the ground as the bell rings for 4th period.
The community that surrounds this school was noticeable from the moment I became a student. This was the first school where teachers cared about their students as people rather than just one of many students and I have been able to make many connections myself. However, the amount of pride in the school can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to be so outgoing and proud of our school for students that may not have the best time in these situations.
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