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Lewelling Elementary School Reviews

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In comparison to her last school, this one is head and shoulders above. The staff listened when there were issues, have adapted a learning experience for my daughter that fits her needs but still allows her to meet the competence levels. I feel confident when she goes to school now.
For a small Elementary school, the facilities are really good. There is a giant gym with a rock climbing wall, plenty of outdoor equipment, covered play areas for rainy days, and field for running in.
As a first grader, there aren't many clubs available to her, but as she gets older, the number of available clubs changes.
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I find the school very safe. It is small enough to be easily patrolled by staff and parent volunteers, and between phones, walkie talkies and checklists, the staff is able to monitor student activity easily.
The teachers and students are very welcoming regardless of race/ethnicity.
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