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Lew Wallace Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Academy Reviews

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Some are okay most are not.
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Some are okay but most are bad.
They had some fun things.
I had a horrible time here.
Some have made it but most haven't.
Its not bad but it could be better.
I really don't go to any games.
They try their hardest but the students are bad.
The technology we have is the worst!, we never get to get on the computer and when we do they always freeze
When I look at other high school courses in the same area I see that they have options we never had and then more.
They need to upgrade and add more options.
The high school side of our school only have 2 guidance counselors, they help when they can but it's a lot of students and problems for only to be able to take care of. I think hat seniors should have their own counselor.
The food and cafeteria at my school is borderline horrific. Everyday you have at the same thing and maybe something is added. You can choose between pizza(not good), Chicken patty sandwich, hamburger or salad. The items that we have to choose from are of low quality. Also if there just happens to be something good by the time you get threw the long line it is gone.
It's getting better this year their enforcing we wear the right color gym shoes. Also they want us to wear the right uniform
The school is fithy and the kids are wild. I had my phone stolen while going through the metal detectors. I try to make the best out of everything, so I look at it as them showing me how i don't want to be.
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It's not that many Extracurriculars but the few they have is interesting. The extracurriculars isn't well finance.
it is okay i guess. We do need more technology though.
I love the activities. It keeps us out of trouble and out the streets. It also helps us prepare for the real life and relax us.
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