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Levine Middle College High School Reviews

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I loved my time at Levine. I had a small graduating class, so class sizes were small and time with teachers was increased. Everyone was friendly and we all became very close. It also offered a great program where, through a partnership with the local community college, we had the opportunity to take free college courses for both high school and future college credit. My only complaint is that my senior year was cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic, and I was not able to finish out my time at this great school with great people.
Levine Middle College High School is a small close-knit community. Each grade only has 100 students, so everyone knows everyone. The five teachers at the school each care for your education like their children. During my first year at Levine, my English 11 teacher won our district's Teacher of the Year. During my time in her class, she made every student feel comfortable and learning was fun. Not only did she go above and beyond with our educational needs, but she would also check in on everyone’s home life. She truly took the time to care.
Levine Middle College is a family. It is a family that loves and cares for each other and accepts everyone for who they are. Before I came to Levine, I loathed going to school. Since then, my enthusiasm for school has skyrocketed. I now love going to what I consider the best school in the country. Based on all of my experiences at Levine Middle College High School, there is not a thing I would want to see changed at my school.
I love it! Totally flexible and the staff works with you. They work with you to create your schedule. They work around practices and jobs. The teachers are amazing. They are kinds and do whatever they need to do to help their students succeed. They provide a good support system. Unfortunately, there are not any sports teams, but they allow you to go to your home school to play sports. It is challenging. You do deal with college professors and with that comes even more responsibility than usual. You need to push yourself to not take advantage of the flexibility.
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Great school with fantastic teachers (Love Ms. Tuttle) and small class sizes. I’m in last block and have eleven people in my class. My teacher is teacher of the year and is great at explaining things.
I love being able to interact with my fellow students and faculty members. Everyone treats everyone like family. It’s such a joy when your teachers support you at work, sports or any fundraiser. Levine is a family school and stays on top of the students grades. We have a great college advisor and counselor; they stay on every single student in the school. Success is key in academics.
The opportunity to attend school at Levine Middle College High School is one that I will always be grateful for. The chance to complete college credits and finish high school simultaneously has allowed me to advance more than I ever expected. I love this school and all of the staff.
Absolutely LOVE this school. I have never before found joy in saying "I am going to school today." The teachers are all so different and so wonderful. The students are lovely and inviting. THIS SCHOOL IS AMAZING.
I like that the middle college high school allows me to get my high school diploma and associate degree for free,but I dislike that since I had to transfer from my old school to Levine there is no original sports team. I would have to play with my home school If wanted to play a sport,or even do something like theater and band or clubs. So I would like to see a change with addition of outside activities be included with the school.
You are able to pick what time you want to take classes so it is very convienent. Every single college class you take counts as an AP class for your high school GPA and these colleges classes you take are literally easier than the ones you would take in a high school. It was absolutely worth the struggle and proceess to get into the lottery system. It looks good to have these college classes on your resume which you will be doing with ease since you have more time but it is free and the credits transfer to any college in North Carolina. A few of the high school teachers suck butt, but a lot of them are absolutely amazing. p.s do not take chemistry at the high school do it at the college for your own sanity. You may have to teach yourself some things but I promise you it is better than Ms. Davison. Ps and you get a month long winter break and get out at the beginning of May for summer). It was probably the best decision I’ve ever made to come to this school.
I am a current student here. The school, being a dual enrollment program is incredible in the way of preparing its students for college. I will graduate with my AS completed. It has a 99% college graduation rate and has sent students to ivy league schools despite only housing 200 students.
Deciding to go to LMCHS was one of the best educational decisions I have ever made. Leaving my public high school after sophomore year to start over at a new school was amazing. I learned so much through this program, from how to handle taking high school and college courses at the same time, and how to tackle real-life issues. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend this school and continue my education through them in my 13th year before I head off to a 4 year university.
Levine is a great school, the teachers really seem to care about their students. Since the students come from all parts of Charlotte, it is one of the more diverse schools despite its small size.
Levine Middle College High School allowed me to have a unique, unforgettable, productive and pleasing high school and college experience. In my 2 years there, I was surrounded by motivated, driven students and faculty who helped me to complete my high school diploma and earn almost an Associate's Degree worth of college credit. Most importantly, I became culturally aware and career ready at Levine.
The only thing I would change at Levine is the amount of activities offered through the high school. It would be nice to have sports teams as they would allow for an even more intimate community at the school.
I completely love Levine Middle College High school. You get to live out the college experience as well as gain college credit and I find that amazing.
The flexibility of my schedule and getting prepared for college life is exactly what I needed in my last years of high school. My teachers and administration were wonderful, helpful and cared about their students. The friends that I made will follow me through my college years and I will graduate with my associates degree.
Levine is a great school that allows you to broaden your horizon and gain a little bit of college freedom with none of the college fees. You will learn to become independent unlike other school.
Levine is such an amazing school! The administration and teachers want you to succeed and are very accessible. The school is clean and safe. The students are very diverse and accepting. I love this school and wish I could have attended this school for four years.
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Overall, I had a great experience with Levine Middle College. The opportunities they provided you with were fantastic, and I graduated high school with my associates degree. It's a fairly new school, but I see it developing into a very large and competitive program. One of the great things about Levine was how invested the teachers are in the students, conversely one of the negative things is that there are fewer teachers and Levine requires much more independence and indicative on the students part. I would like to see the school gain popularity so that they can expand there personal.
Levine Middle College High School is great for high school students, who want to start college early. You can apply during your Sophmore year of high school and if you get accepted you will have the opportunity of taking colleges classes at the same time as your high school classes. The best part is, it's all free! If there is one thing I could change it would be the lunch food. Aside from that, it is one of the best schools in the Charlotte area.
We have access to school nurses. I have attended for one and a half years and I have never seen or heard of any circumstances that required special security measures
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