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Levi P. Dodge Middle School Reviews

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The experience that I get is not very good, the kids get away with many things and should get dealt with better
Levi p dodge middle school is definitely not a school to administer into. Unsurprisingly the school is 95% white and half the teachers are and expresse there feelings as liberals with no good after school activitys other then school politics which is basically just a popularity contest. The school has also received 3 threats in the past year that had cops come to the school regularly. The facilities are usually include flooded urinals toilet paper on the floor. Although academics are high in the school I believe most of it is just students teaching other students. iPads in the school are great amazing really but gaming has become such a problem that they restrict everything so you can't express yourself. There has also been days were kids go home crying because teachers are so ruthless on them and target kids because of their past and sex.
The guidance counselors were okay- the times I used them they were not very helpful.
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The athletic facilities are okay, but they could be better. Since we just built a new high school, most of the focus is on that and not the facilities at the middle and elementary schools.
Some teachers were really good, others were awful
Many people were not accepting of others and everyone had their own "group" of friends.
Sports at this school were really laid back and not supported very well.
Bullying was never tolerated at this school and was always reprimanded.
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