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There are good options for the size of the community (5,500) and the admin support is great - the principal shows up to all Art openings and Music concerts, but there are a few options we wish they offered (gymnastics/ peewee football) that aren't.
Zero tolerance with bullying and the administration makes sure that everyone is treated equally and friendly between the teachers, but most importantly with the students - there are students in every class that has a disability, so that the children grow up with them and accept them as normal which is a 180 from how the parents grew up and it's a wonderful experience to show children how to care for kids and they tell us, "I want to hang out with them, they're nice/funny/friendly" the experience works! Our kids are going to be much more accepting and helpful than their elders!
At the start of the school year the 2nd year principal wanted to buy a mascot "Little Blue" to have at assemblies and fun events (Jack o lantern Jamboree/ Parent-Teacher conferences/ Family Night) and was realistic in setting the goal to raise the money within 3-5 years. In 8 months the parents raised enough money to have "Little Blue" become a reality!
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Having a child with ADD and needing Early Childhood intervention due to slow to speech learning even at a daycare setting, we first met with ECH teachers when he was 4 and their attentiveness, compassion, and willing to help our son out of his shell blew us away! Kindergarten was a hard setting for our son, but his teacher continued the learning path and compassion that led to a decent finish. First grade was so much better with his teacher being very open and sharing of daily progress that helped him understand learning not just in the classroom, but socially on the playground as well. Second grade has been fantastic! Very little troubles, lots of communication between art/music/social teachers as well - it's becoming a good net to fall back and make sure son is doing well both in and outside of the classroom as well as at daycare, religious ed, and extra-curricular activities. Everyone is looking out for him and assisting us be better parents from all angles.
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