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Leroy Secondary School Reviews

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The teachers are okay for the most part. There are a few really good, devoted teachers that go above and beyond what has come to be expected of LeRoy High School in general.
I have nothing good to really say about this school district. They have managed to make my home life hell due to lack of communication between parent and teacher. They rely on apps to do their jobs for them. They are the laziest district I have ever seen. We have been talking to a lot of different parents and horror story after horror story. If only the parents can get on the same page and do something about this 10 year teachers that have no incentives to improve or even do their jobs. I would love to move my family or even drive my children to another district but financially we are strapped to remain in such a pathetic school. The importance of our children's education is NOT on the top of the teachers priority list.
The cooks don't seem to care how good the food is and the assortment of food is terrible and we would get very small portions of food.
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There is very little bullying. Our school is a very safe place to be.
They are there to help when needed. They could have given more advise to help prepare us for college.
It's a small school so not a lot of people go out for sports because they are lazy but I enjoyed sports and it made high school much more enjoyable.
The number for the sports teams were small but I loved playing sports and the people I played with.
I did not feel at all prepared for college once I had started but I enjoy college.
My school is a very old school. It could use some updates but my school is very into our sports programs so we have a brand new gym floor and have all this new technology so we can go to college classes without actually driving to another town. My school is realistically in good condition and standing with everything .
We are a small school so we don't have lots of sports but we have as many sports as we possibly can. We have volleyball, football, basketball, track, baseball, and softball. We also have a huge pool, which you can go exercise at in aerobic classes or just go to swim. We have lots of after school activities for younger kids and older. After school you can go to co- Ed activities like swimming, dance, cheer leading, lifting, and even karate. My school also brings in the homeschooled kids to be part of our community Ed activities and sports teams. I enjoy my school a lot!
The teachers are very intelligent on what they teach. All teachers care more about our grades then we do. Some are boring because they have been around so long and are old fashioned but they are some of the bet teachers in my school. Some teachers are very cool and laid back but still teach you something. The teachers at my school can be cranky but what teachers aren't some days?
My school prepared me for which college to pick and also picking the right college for me. Every week there is always a recruiter at my school from a different college. I feel I am very ready for graduation and to start college this July. My school is tough on us our senior year they really prepare us for college.
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