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Leroy has been an experience. There is a lot of good, but a lot of things that need to be done to improve it. It needs more classes to be available, which comes with resources. They barely have enough staff, and teachers come and go, never staying. Discipline is poor. Students can get away with almost anything with no punishment. On a better note, the athletic programs are excellent. They are all very successful. We also have some very good teachers. English excells, and we are actually offered dual enrollment in English. I wish we could have more dual enrollment classes offered. Washington County High School is doing well in academics, and the students have more possibilities to take college classes than we do.
Leroy is a small K-12 campus. The population was not the issue- it was the teachers, especially where math education was concerned. My middle school math teacher was a very poor educator. I did not learn the necessary tools in Pre-Algebra, and suffered terribly in Algebra. I thought I was stupid, and it took me until college (and an amazing professor) to help me understand that I did poorly in math because I didn't have the algebra background. There are very few resources at Leroy for those who are struggling in math. I excelled in my other subjects. My poor math background is reflected in my ACT score, math being well below benchmark where the other subject are above. My math score pulled my composite down- I can say that Leroy literally cost me several thousand dollars in scholarships because of the weak math education they offer. That was two years ago, I hear they have much better administration now, but not sure about the teachers.
I’m gonna be honest, it’s okay. They need a better job of hiring qualified and professional teachers. I understand you want fun teachers but you need mature ones they all wanna be buddy buddy with the kids, and it’s stupid.
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I have been to three schools, and out of them three school Leroy High School is my favorite! This is my second year at Leroy High School and I am so sad it's becoming to be the end of my senior year. At first when I came to Leroy High School I was a little bit shy, but I made lots of friends as soon as I walked into my classroom. All the students at leroy High School are very friendly. All the teacher I've had has helped me so much. I really don't know what I would do without them. The school itself is just amazing. They had to build another school a couple of years ago but everyone has been keeping the school nice and clean. Unlike most people I enjoy going to school. I love meeting my friends and my teachers. I come to school everyday waiting to learn something new. Leroy High School is the school I would recommend anybody to go to.
As an alumna of Leroy High School, as well as parent of 5 that have all graduated from this school, I love LHS and the education that it provided my grandparents, parents, my self, and my children ... and IS providing my grandchildren. The community is an integral part of our school. The degree of parental involvement is amazing. The teachers CARE about the students and their success after HS. Current administration IS excellent. The extracurriculars...sports, band, afterschool tutoring, clubs, and other activities are very well supported by the students, the faculty, AND the community. The 'Food' issues from excessive FEDERAL restrictions and rules on calorie intake and fat intake, etc... ( we are NOT a 'fat' nation from menus of the past...feeding them things they WON'T eat is ridiculous and doesn't make them 'healthy'.)

I think Leroy High School is a great school. The sports teams are great and there is a lot of parent involvement. I would like to see the academics change in the school.
I've been going to Leroy High School for 6 years now and I love everything about it. The teachers are great and develop relationships with the students, and will take the time out to help them.
It's a great school but needs to hire some better administration. I've learned many new things thanks to some of the great teachers.
My experience at Leroy High School is not as good as you'd think with it only being a few students. The school isn't as clean as you'd think by passing by the new building. There's not many academics that you can choose from here. The principle and majority of the staff are honestly just here for the money. The cafeteria is very clean and there are not many clean ones.
Leroy High School offers core curriculum however honors classes are not extensively challenging. Overall, students are behind in academics.
The spirit this school has when it comes to sports is great. We have alot of support from our fans. Softball is great the coach is awesome. But the acedemic scores are not so well, bullying is a non stop thing.
I love that everyone knows each other.
The students' best interests are always in mind by our faculty.
The food at school is healthy and there are always alternatives if you don't want what is on the menu.
Our school is very strict on bullying. It is not allowed and our staff takes it very seriously. Our staff enforces the rules they set. This is a necessity to have a good school.
I love my school. It is small so you get the attention you need from your teachers and you become close with your fellow classmates.
All of our teachers want to see us follow our dreams and be the best that we can be like our fellow allumi, Sammie Coates. They help us with our academics when we are struggling.
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Compared to other schools, we don't have as many clubs and organizations but the ones we do have are fun and make a positive impact in our community.
There are limited athletic and fitness opportunities at my school, but we excel in all of them. Without all of our school spirit, they would not be where they are.
National Honor Society is a great club to participate in.
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