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Leo Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The community and teachers are great. I have had classes that help guide me to the career I would like to pursue.
The academic side of Leo high school is very advanced. It is normal for the freshman to begin Algebra 2, while at other schools freshman are taking Algebra 1 or Geometry. The physical look of the school itself is very clean. The students have every resource they could possibly need to succeed. The teachers here really care about each individual student, and it shows. The only thing I would critique is that there aren't enough clubs for students to join.
I enjoyed the teacher to student ratio. We live in a small town, so connections were easy to make with teachers and other students. I appreciate the effort some of the teachers have put into students’ learning and the effort that they put into knowing students. A lot of teachers at Leo have compassion for the kids that have a hard home life and are struggling or don’t do very well academically for other reasons.
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I had a good experience going there, everyone is extremely academically driven and involved with classes and extracurriculars.
Leo is a very good school. It provides the academic push all students need. It truly makes sure that all students succeed in getting into the college of their dreams. I have grown so much from going their and would definitely send my future kids to a school just like Leo.
I went to Leo for my entire middle school and high school experience and enjoyed it overall. It was a very safe school that had a lot to gain for an involved student.
In all honesty, Leo Junior/Senior High School is not a bad school. Academically wise, it's not the greatest seeing that there was a severe lack of challenging courses, but the courses they did offer were good enough. There were little to no clubs and few sports to choose from. Unfortunately, most of the funding went to the football team which meant that many parts of the school were falling apart. Overall, not bad.
I like all the people and the way it's run; it's a very nice community and almost every class gives pretty fair grades, and overall it's just a fun environment. I'd like some classes to change a little, and maybe a couple more school events.
I enjoyed the class engagement that most of my classes had. Most of the teachers manage to retain attention and teach in unconventional and entertaining ways. The one downside is not necessarily a problem that the school administration could easily fix. Cliques are very prevalent, and can cause some difficulty when trying to develop friendships. Aside from that, the workload is tolerable, and it is better than most high schools in the surrounding area.
I really enjoyed the easy layout of the school and how willing the teachers were to help with the work and scheduling conflicts. The lunches were good and the football team was outstanding.
I liked the math teachers a lot and we have a fantastic science department with a lot of exciting, tangible lab experiences. However, most of our school traditions were taken away, and students aren’t rewarded for a job well done. The teachers fight so hard for us, but the people above them cut all the joy out of learning. I am a Hermione Granger and from my insight as someone who understands the system, I can say that if you are passionate about engineering or teaching or any field other than science and math, this school is not right for you. They do not have very extensive courses available. We are growing more diverse, but I feel as though the academics are transforming students into information regurgitators, rather than genuinely interested and knowledgeable individuals.
Leo Junior/Senior High School is overall a very nice school. The teachers are very engaging, and friendly. Sports seem to get a lot more of the funding than any other department, which is a bummer, but the other departments are amazing as well. There are many things to get involved in and lots of chances to show school spirit!
I have had a great experience at Leo Junior/Senior High School. It is my sixth year attending this school and I have overall enjoyed it.
I liked the academic opportunities both inside and out side of school. I would change the social atmosphere of the school.
Overall I had a wonderful experience at Leo Junior-Senior High School. Being involved with sports was so much fun and I grew so much as a person through sports. I created friendships that will last a lifetime. At Leo you are able to create such a tight knit circle of friends, but also kind of be friends with everyone. Almost everyone, teachers and students, truly care. If I had a problem or concern I knew that I always had someone to talk to. After my two years of junior high and my four years of high school at Leo, I feel that I am truly ready to go out into the real world and take on college and just life in general. I feel prepared and excited for my future because of my experiences at Leo Junior-Senior High School.
Not the best ..... to say the least. I can only speak for myself but this school is not the most kind environment,and administration and(most of)the teachers have given up and that’s a big understatement.
I really loved how Leo Junior/Senior High School was very involved with students and making sure they exceed in academics. A lot of the classes I took have prepared me for the future and made me more sure that I wanted to be a teacher. All of the teachers I’ve had really care for the students, and it’s easy to see that. The clubs and sports Leo offers gives students a variety of choices. I’m involved in two community service clubs that I’ve enjoyed being a part of. Along with clubs and academics, the best part about Leo is definitely the people and the community. Everyone is so welcoming and cares for you. I’m pleased with my experience at Leo High School.
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I like the teachers and Hoe they makes you feel very welcomed. I also like the options given to student about different programs and classes to pursue what they want. I wish the class scheduling would be better and the schools drama.
Leo is your typical small town school. Everyone knows you and there is always some sort of drama going on in your life. The previous principal that was at Leo was great and let us hold many events. Unfortunately those events came to an end when we got a new principal. It made a wrong turn for Leo.
All in all, Leo is a great school with great teachers. The only real problem is the administration. They have made many executive decisions that still haven’t been explained to the students, leaving many of us confused, annoyed, and sometimes angry.
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