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Overall, I had a good experience at Lenox Memorial High School. The teachers are kind, it has a calm atmosphere, and I was able to retain a lot of information. I also participated in sports. The sports programs are very good all around and I've never had a bad experience with my team. My only issue is that I think Lenox should offer more AP classes. A lot of schools offer a lot of APs, which can be an advantage in college, and Lenox hardly offers any of the main and common AP classes.
Lenox Memorial High School offers good core educational opportunities for students but lacks diversity both in the offered courses and the students themselves.
I still wanted to die most of the time whenever i entered the building, but my art teacher and environmental teacher as well as the humanities teachers are absolutely amazing. 10/10 recommend those classes to anyone entering high school here.
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This is a wonderful school that offer great teachers that are overall interested in the students well being.
My overall experience at LMMHS has been wonderful. They offer challenging courses, interesting extracurriculars, and impressive athletic teams. I love the community that exists in every aspect of the school and the possibility to pursue whatever you love, with help from everyone in the building.
Lenox is a good school, the teachers are good, the academics are good, however the main issue is the lack of classes offered as the school is small.
It is a great learning environment and I think it is perhaps one of the best schools in our entire county. Lenox has very small classes which allows students to thrive and get great one on one time with teachers. I have seen some people struggle in certain classes but that is due to the high academic standard that students are held to. However, this does not mean that if you are having issues you won't get assistance. There are always chances to get help if you're behind in a course. I would absolutely love to have my kids one day go to Lenox.
The academics at LMMHS are rigorous. The school is small and there are limits when it comes to athletic offerings.
Not very diverse, teachers and students lacked respect for one another and students were close-minded to being open and kind to others
An absolute joke!! They pride themselves on being the Mecca for Academia however, one fails to realize the great test scores are due to an overwhelming percentage of kids that are pushed into title 5 and academic reinforcement that should be left alone in their perspective classes. The inflation of title 5 awards average students the glory of being listed on the honor roll undeservingly . Snobby ,cliquey, rude spoiled brats bully and intimidate the other students and the Faculty cover it up to keep their precious reputation. I moved to this town to avoid suburbia, what a mistake I made.
I graduated from Lenox Memorial in 2018, and overall, the quality of education and care that I got from teachers was great. Lenox has very strong history and english departments that go beyond teaching the average high school level curriculum. In a students junior year, they are tasked with writing a research paper, that to this day has helped my with my college course work. The senior year humanities course also shines out from other high school classes because it teaches advanced topics such as art history and it provides students with critical thinking skills that they will use no matter what their post high school plans are.
Another positive point about Lenox is the administration. The Dean of Students is wonderful, and cares about all of the students there. He even knows everyone by name.
While the academics and administration at Lenox are strong, the school is not diverse at all. This puts up barriers for students of color.
The diversity is not entirely the fault of the school, if you look at the town, the school perfectly represents the make up of the town population. This does not bother me as I have seen others bothered by it.
Overall it's a really good school. It has high quality teachers and rigorous classes that prepare you well for college. Being a small public school had its drawbacks. It doesn't have a very wide variety of classes, and is missing certain areas that I think would improve it, such as more AP classes.
Lenox Memorial High School has a large emphasis on student growth and readiness for college. The atmosphere of a small town can make the students and staff seem very closed-minded or even sheltered and the reputation of the school puts the students' experience at the school in jeopardy. My personal experience was that of a lot of growth personally and lots of academic challenges were thrown my way. I did not have any bad experiences personally, but I am very aware that even though LMMHS has not been the worst for me, there is a level of shadiness I can't pinpoint. The image of the school is a top priority as well and though this can be good in some aspects, it has some downsides as well.
Lenox Memorial High School prepares their students for college and after high school starting as soon as you walk through the door. The tough courses and high level of learning let anyone learn to their best abilities along with the high amount of teacher availability. Lenox is a welcoming environment through sports teams, classes and administration that allows all students for the best possible learning environment. Although Lenox is small we make up for the lack of students with our tight nit friendships and support for each other. Lenox is a great school to be in that will allow anyone to grow.
Lenox Memorial High School is very inviting. It is a small school for a small community, that being said, there is not much diversity. Still, everyone is welcome at Lenox and the team spirit is great. I feel happy everyday going to Lenox High.
Lenox is known for having great academics and that is very true. Throughout high school I definitely had some strong teachers that inspired me to work hard and learn. I think my junior/senior year history and english teachers did a really good job for preparing me for college.
I wish that the school had more diversity. Also I would say that school spirit was very low. Among our sport teams (which are really strong and fun!) the spirit is high but our pep rallys were some of the saddest things I saw during high school.
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Love how small Lenox is but with that comes easy cliquiness... overall nice school and facilities. Some solid athletics and clubs. Most students are highly educated and dedicate their time to academics, pursuing honors and AP level courses
Resource officer always available during the school day.
From sports, to chess club to theatrical affairs, Lenox has it all.
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