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Lemont High School is an exceptional school. Teachers, that not only provide a solid educational foundation but also encourage students to exceed in all aspects of their life, establish a heartening environment. A diverse selection of courses allows students to find a subject that interests them. With the option of over 15 AP courses, students come across many opportunities to challenge themselves. A variety of clubs and sports also gives students the ability to develop social connections. Overall, Lemont Highschool does an excellent job of preparing students for college. As a student at Lemont High School, I can attest to that. I greatly enjoyed my experience at Lemont Highschool, and because of this school, I am prepared to enter the next phase of my life.
I like that the classes are very interactive and the teachers are always willing to help the students, and it is not only the teachers that are willing to help the students, it is the students who are willing to help the students. Lemont Township High School has tons of school spirit which is put on by both the students and staff. At LHS everyone is willing to help one another succeed and always do their best.
Lemont is a great school to go too! There are so many amazing and caring people along with teachers that are willing to help anybody.
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I really enjoyed my time here. It's really annoying how they keep rubbing the "blue ribbon school" in our faces but it's true. For the size of the school, there are many opportunities academically, extracurricularly, and athletically.
It is an overall safe learning environment where students are fortunate enough to receive an advanced education from teachers who care about the well-being of the students. This school values the education of students as well as their participation in extra circulars and sports. Their sports teams compete at a high level and numerous teams attend the state championships every year. The teachers here are caring and willing to give their help to you by coming before school or staying after school. Teachers are also helpful in terms of things outside of education, by making you feel at home and safe at the school 24/7. I love Lemont, as I had a great experience all four years with the others students, teachers, sports, and everything else.
I loved the great atmosphere of the teachers. They are very supportive and help in any way possible. All the students are very motivated and it is a great environment.
I have always loved how helpful all the teachers and students are whenever I need help. Whenever I need help, I always ask my many very helpful teachers for advice. On the other hand, when all I need is another student's opinion, I will email them my questions. The teachers do not always answer immediately, but that does not always matter because I know that they have about one hundred and fifty to one hundred and eighty students to deal with along with answers all their questions, too.
I've only been at Lemont High School for a little while, but from my experiences there, I can say without a doubt that Lemont is an excellent school! Lemont offers a sense of community, safety, and goodness. This is a school in which people care about each other. Today in our society, we hear negative things about high school students. We are told that many of them vape, do drugs, vandalize, and don't care about education. Lemont exists tp prove the pundits wrong. Not once have I seen a vape pod, or any drug paraphernalia and usage whatsoever. They have a standard of excellence, an administration who cares about each student, and a staff that is committed to their success. I do believe however that Lemont could improve on its afterschool capabilities. Students should be given an adequate space to work. Other than that, this school is a place that inspires people to be better people. That's very hard to find. That's Lemont.
LHS is OK however there are only 3 clicks of kids to be grouped in 1. Jocks 2. Smart kids 3. kids that smoke weed if you don't fit in any of those clicks then you might be a little bit lonely. However LHS has some good teachers and classes, and the food is pretty good.
The faculty and staff were so awesome to see daily. The curriculum prepared me well for college. They had block schedules which meant we had longer classes and had the classes every other day. I felt that prepared me very well for college because I was used to having the longer class periods already and the long college classes didn't seem as long to me because Lemont High School prepared me well for them. Overall I really enjoyed going to this school.
LHS is a great school, but I feel as if they should rate some of their mathematics teachers a little closer.
I overall love Lemont High School, the teachers are amazing and able to work with each student that needs help. As well as the students that engage others in groups and activities that are school based.
great school and staff that provide a lot of resources for their students. teachers and other staff members are very involved and helpful.Academics and college readiness is very good. It is a very safe school in a safe area. great community and people that live in district too. Administration is very well structured and helpful. Our sports teams do well in our class. facilities are very clean and well maintained. Plenty of resources to help students succeed provided by the teachers.
Lemont high school is overall a good school, it is a pleasant place and not too big. The teachers all are highly educated in their fields and would be willing to help the students achieve their goals.
I like how this school prepares students for college. Going to this school definitely helped me a lot because it helps me to enter my favorite college and be prepared for what's going to be in college.
Lemont High School promotes good character and scholarly behavior. Students perform well on tests because of the advanced teaching of the talented staff at LHS. Teachers genuinely care about their students and want them to succeed in life-- which is a really positive attitude. The school is focused on their facade, which is a good thing, but sometimes tends to be bothersome when they understate issues happening in the school-- which lends itself to a 4/5 star rating.
Lemont High School is a wonderful school that is very accommodating to every single person that attends high school. The staff and students are all very nice and very helpful to other students or staff. Overall LHS is very welcoming and helpful to everyone that walks through its doors.
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There is not a single thing that I would change about Lemont High School. From helpful adults that will do anything to prepare of for the real world, to great academics that awarded us with the title of National Blue Ribbon School 2017, Lemont High School is undoubtedly one of the best schools around. While not being entitled a "college preparatory school", I definitely feel as though everyone who walks out the doors upon graduation is more than prepared for their next step in life--whether it be college, employment, or an unknown decision.
I love LHS! The faculty is outstanding because the teachers really care. We are treated as adults and the bar is set extremely high. There are a ton of opportunities to get involved so that the students feel like they belong! The smallness of our school allows you to know everyone and fosters an atmosphere of friendship and trust. There are also numerous opportunities for social interactions such as games, dances, spirit weeks. We have a high participation in these opportunities because the students really enjoy being around each other and they genuinely like one another. I know that even though I am leaving LHS to attend college, I will continue to have relationships with the teachers and students who have helped shape me into the man I am today.
The academics are challenging, but worth it. They have a thing called spirit week like many high schools. Their spirit week is extremely competitive, fun, and entertaining.
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