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I think the Lemmon High School was just about adequate as far as I am concerned. Mostly for the fact that I feel I haven't learned enough to prepare myself for college and this worries me. Also, even though I understand this is a very small school, I believe we do not have the necessary resources required to help our students with everything they might need as some others would. Overall, Lemmon High School is okay, but not great.
The small classes really helped me learn more and have a better interaction with teachers. I was able to stay after school and easily get help on nay project or homework assignment. Although since the school is so small the amount of activities are limited. There is no cheer team or soccer team. There is also no real stage to preform on for any of the theater arts students. But overall a great school to be in.
I am a senior at Lemmon High School. I enjoy my experience at Lemmon High School. I moved from a different school to Lemmon my eighth-grade year. All the teachers and students were friendly, and I quickly became comfortable. The school is very encouraging in its sports and clubs. The awards and hard work easily became well known throughout the school because Lemmon High School is proud of its students.
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Lemmon High School provides the necessary classes to graduate but there is a lot of confusion within the current administration and it can be difficult to address problems with faculty. The teachers are all supportive and work well but there seems to be a disconnect between the teachers and the superintendent. The food has also undergone a noticeable improvement lately. I think that Lemmon High School has an astounding variety of clubs for how small it is.
I like that everyone knows everybody. But I wish that the kids had more say in what happens at the school.
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