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Leman middle school is an okay school when I was there I remember there was many fights going on. But there was great staff and the teachers were friendly and cared about there students.
At Leman the dynamics have improved throughout the years. The professors try their best at helping students reach their potential. Moreover, it has become more united and continues to have school pride; "once a charger always a charger"
Lehman Middle School was a great experience and prepares students for high school and beyond. The culture at Lehman is diversified and reflects real life. The school and districts has a lot of programs and help for the school community.
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I'm part of the class of 2016. It's a great school. The school preserves the latino culture which helps student fit in more. The teachers are always willing to take time off from their free time. They're always there to help.
the school is good but the students just don't get much freedom, the classes are good but students should get a bit more freedom.
teachers are very nice and helpful always check up on you and help you with anything. food is a kind of bad but at least it is free and healthy. many after school activities and clubs that help you find what you want to do with life. track was a big sport and had very awesome coaches. while i was in that school i did not see any bullying and teachers were very against bullying. there was about 2-3 fights through the 3 years i was there but it was about outside problems on social media. therefore it was a great school nor poor nor rich. if i ever have children in the future and still live in west chicago my children will for sure go!
Worst school ever don’t recommend at all teachers do t help students and there is lots of fights and teachers don’t do anything about it
It did not seem like there was a lot of freedom for the students. Classes were never bad, nor were the teachers. Lots of connections and friendships were made.
Since I’m a student in leman middle school I know how it is and The school is pretty good but we do need more better lunch,not something really expensive but something appetizing and change it up every other day other than just keeping it the same. Lastly, to make the grades learn better all teachers should make learning more funner in different type of ways and it doesn’t have to be games and all of that children stuff but normal fun stuff because I’ve seen how some kids in my class just put their head down and don’t learn anything because of the ways some teacher teach and it may be too because some kids stay up late. I believe that there should be a different time to go to school like a little later past 8:00 am,but if it’s not possible to change it’s okay.
I loved how hardworking the teachers were towards all the students. If the students weren't doing as good they would make time to give extra help to that particular student.
My overall experience as a student who attended Leman Middle School was exiting. I learned many things when I transitioned from Pioneer Elementary School to Leman Middle School. The school really did an amazing job in thinking of the whole student body in doing construction in my parts of the school for their safety. The teachers are very understanding and help us a lot in doing our best in class. Being a student at Leman Middle School was a very good experience.
Great school, they offer free food which is a plus as you don't need to pay for lunch. Staff is very responsive to the students needs and are overall great teachers.
I went to this middle school about 6 years ago and I absolutely loved it. I made some of the best friendships there. Plus I have no complaints on the teachers I had, they were all super helpful and nice. All I have is good memories from there.
I am in high school at the moment, but when I was in Leman Middle School (it was renamed from West Chicago Middle School), the students were not motivated to learn as a whole, and the teachers tried to get us to like school, but they seemed to get discouraged from the lack of disrespect many times. My school was not very diverse, either; it was highly Hispanic and Caucasian populated.
There were some really great teachers there. It was very diverse and fun to be in, yet there are various forms of bullying there. Very hard to control break-out fights, so not always friendly. Various rules, no assemblies or pep rallies, strict teachers and workers there.
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