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Léman Manhattan Preparatory School Reviews

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Overall, this school is actually very good when it comes to academics. Most of the teachers are actually invested in helping the students to do better. There are a lot of ways to be involved in school since there are so many clubs to join. However, the school spirit is so poor.
My experience at Léman was incredible. The school has rigorous IB programs that prepare you for college level courses. The teachers work hard to meet the student's needs and to fulfill the student's educational requirements. The community is diverse and students are very involved with clubs and activities. Léman a great environment to be in.
The school has Rigorous academics and a diverse sports program. The school is breathtaking with sweeping views of the Hudson and a beautiful swimming pool . The also have an amazing theater program .
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As a current student at Léman, I have some things that I wish I knew about before I decided to go here. As a freshman, the teachers at Léman will be outstanding. But after that, every year, the teachers get progressively worse. None of the math teachers above 9th-grade teach, and students end up having to educate themselves. One of the 10th-grade math teachers doesn't let you ask questions in class because he is 'too tired' and 'getting old.' Another 10th-grade math teacher is aggressive, rude, and always talks about how her old school was 'much better' and the students were more 'poised.' The 'chef cooked' lunch they never seem to stop talking about is awful, and mostly consists of dry chicken. The guidance counselor and the nurse will never help you. Don't send your kids here.
Leman Manhattan has been an amazing experience. The education is academic but also well rounded. From the foreign language offerings to the arts and athletics (they even swim at school!) it has always superseded our expectations
As parents being part of the community has also been very rewarding.
Leman is a bad school. I have gone there for four years and every year I am surprised by how unintelligent and bad at their jobs the administration is. Some of the teachers are good, but all the best teacher's I have had left to work at other schools because they all hate Leman admin as well. I have a few extremely racist teachers who admin know are racist and do nothing about it.

Most importantly, Leman cares far more about the school's image than what actually happens in the school; Going to school at Leman feels like being a prop in an elaborate scam, DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE, coming from a current student.
Great downtown k-12 school with high school boarding program. It has a lot of support in place for international students such as new student orientation program, college counseling, esol program, etc. And the college admission results are really strong.
I love that my first-grade son has access to physical education, art, music, woodworking, foreign language, and swimming. I appreciate that his teachers have an impressive command of supporting their students’ social-emotional development. Most of all, I love that each and every adult in his building, from the principal to the athletic instructors to the dining hall staff demonstrate compassion, unconditional love, encouragement, and enthusiasm. My son knows he is loved by the men and women in his school.

His teachers are out of this world. Their focus on fostering critical thinking, kindness, and a sense of stewardship will undoubtedly yield an exemplary global citizen. They encourage, challenge and love my son in the way each and every child deserves. It is apparent they appreciate the extraordinary impact their instruction and influence will have in informing the trajectory of his life.
Our children have flourished at Leman. Academically, athletically and culturally they have developed right before our eyes into thoughtful, respectful and knowlegable teenagers. The transparent nature of the school has enabled us and our children to communicate openly and freely.
I have two children and Leman and have firsthand experience of both the lower school and upper school campus. Firstly, the amenities and the best Manhattan can offer; pools and gymnasiums in both locations. Class sizes are small and faculty are excellent. Administration team operate with a high level of transparency and channels are always open for regular communication with families, as needed. Students are respectful and enjoy a second to none academic and social life. My children have thrived both academically and socially at he school and have been given a lot of support.
My kids are thriving as the school is welcoming and offers an array of activities -there is something for everyone, kids are able to explore and develop skills. The art program is very robust. School is very diverse in many ways. I wish the school have larger sports facilities and the middle and high school an outdoor space.
I have been a parent @ Leman for 3 years now, and have 3 children there. I can speak authoritatively to the Early Childhood program in particular, and more broadly to the facility, the administrative staff, the communications, the sense of community, and the families that make up the school.

Which is to say, all are exactly what I'd hope for in a school setting/community.
My two older children started at Leman lower school last year and we have been so thrilled to see how much they've grown. Switching them out of the over crowded public school and into Leman was the best decision for us. We couldn't be happier and we love the small class sizes, individual attention, extra curricular, language and the best part.. the chef prepared LUNCH!! My kids always tell me how much they love lunch at Leman! We plan on having the kids stay through high school.
I have two kids at Léman, one in CECE and one at the lower school. The class size is small, which is felt in how much the teachers care about each of the students and how much they can address their specific needs because they get to know each child well. Like all schools they care about academics, but unlike other schools, they care about everyone growing to be a good and caring member of the community inside and outside of the school. The food is not only excellent, but the program is also designed to expose the kids to many flavors and cultures while fostering good eating habits. In our years at the school, we have only had good teachers and we see that in how much our kids like and respect them.
This school is extremely diverse and globally oriented. As Spanish-speaking parents, this was an important factor when deciding on a school. The IB curriculum at Léman helps to foster these ideas of inclusion, while still challenging students academically, as well as the involvement of the parents through the LCA (for example, the International Food Festival is a big annual event), and even the book choices in the school library reflect this. Our family loves Léman!
An amazing school, from the talented and supportive teachers, to the committed staff, and finally to the hard-working parent association (the LCA), your child will feel welcome here....we have!
Leman maintains a very welcoming environment. The teachers and staff are warm and nurturing, but also well trained and qualified. The expectations are just right and I see that the children have grown both socially and academically. I'm impressed by the cultural diversity of the student body and it shows through in the curriculum. The parents are present and involved.
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Léman is the best school in New York. The teachers are amazing! Both of my girls have love going to school. I can’t say enough good things!
I have only worked at Léman for 2 years and it has been one of the best places I worked at in my 22 years of teaching, which includes teaching aboard at International schools, in California at a Private Catholic School, and a couple of years at a Public School.

I have 3 sons whom all attend Léman and they all love the diversity, the academics and sports that Léman has to offer. Also, the location is prime, can't beat the views that surrounds the school, and the local public transportation makes commute to and from Léman simple.
My daughter has been attending Leman for about a year and she loves it! The diversity is great and many of her classmates are bilingual. The facility is spacious and beautiful, and the teachers are great!!