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I liked that teachers and counselors help the students if there having trouble with something and make sure they stay on top of their work. I want them to better prepare students for college they dont have alot of resources for the kids so students give up on colleges easy. Mostly the kids who have AP classes get the most college help.
The staff really care about the students and the academics taught. The teachers take personal time to check up on students and/or any concern concerning the student well being. whether it's educational or personal. The staff is really involved and the overall experience is great.
This school is terrible. I'm a sophomore at this school, and i'm telling you now, DON'T ATTEND TO THIS SCHOOL! it barely have any clubs, the teachers (well some) don't teach, they just sit there and give out worksheets or make us do khan academy or imagine math. They also teach us 8th grade work and I want to ACTUALLY learn. Also, the food is terrible, it's cold, sometimes the meat is pink and i have to starve myself because of the food. No one does nothing about our health or safety. The people here are irritating too and we do not have our own gym! It's the church's gym. After this year i'm leaving this hellhole and going to a way much better school that has more activities and better food.
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Awesome academy!! LPCA sets students on the right track to academic and professional success. One of the best decisions my parents and I could have made.
I didn’t wanna go to Legal Prep my freshman year because I heard how strict they were but once I got there I realize it wasn’t bad and they just want the best from all of their students
I like how the teachers are very involved with the students. Make sure the students get the time they need after and before school if they are not understanding the concept in class. I like how close the students are with each other and they make a stand for what they believe, I love how comfortable the students are with sharing their personal lives and feelings with the staff because of the trust they built with that person. What I feel like we need to improve on as a whole is how we communicate with each other.
I love the academics, sports, and college readiness.It's a awesome school.The only thing I would change is food.
Legal Prep, in my opinion, is a very good school. The atmosphere is very strict, but the teachers and administrators really want to see the students do great ! So far all the teachers that i have encountered are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the students are prepared to go off into the world.
I like that Legal Prep is very caring about the college process and getting every student into post secondary education or even progarm for students that feel like college isn’t for them.
Legal prep is a great school to get your child ready for college. They have a lot of opportunities for scholarships and college exposure. The staff is great, and it’s a lot to be learned about college application and our councilors are willing to teach it !
If I were to choose between starting all over (from freshman year) or go to jail for 10 years. Where is my cell and do I have a roommate? Don't waste your time. I attended all four years and nothing has changed except the lunch which made it worst. They have clubs but the clubs they do have don' t last long. They don't have their own gym. Nothing is "legal" about the school. Except when they called the police on some students to stop them from fighting. Please don't send your student here. This school robbed me from my life and I can't do nothing but be upset.
My experience has been really good at LPCA because at this school they truly prepare for the next steps in our future.
What I like About Legal Prep is that all the teachers are their to help the students in don't give up on us.I also like that whenever a student needs help with there work the teachers door is always open after school.Legal prep is college readiness because we are taught everyday to be professional and we work hard in each in every class.
I want to win $ 1,000 to pay for college that I wanted to go to and be happy that I can be in college and Even though it is hard to afford for college.
At first I hated the school . It was way to many rules . I felt as if I was always being told what to and not to do . I thought I was to grown to be told what to do , mind you I was 14. Teenagers and their attitudes , i know. As the years went by I developed as soft spot for the school . It's actually quite nice. It's small in size , A few student a grade level . You get to have a real relationship with your teachers . I actually love the school.
Its a lot of bullying that goes on verbally in the school.We have Deans from the military.You dont have to worry about getting hurt phisically most of the time.
We dont have a lot of activities but with the activities we have we try to make the best out of them.
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Its more abput discipline than teaching.My experience was good in this school.I'm never failing a class never got into big trouble.Teachers try to add fun into lessons.
There teachings are helpful but they switch up lessons every week.
This is a really great school. The discipline is a little much; however, it teaches you how to be better prepared for the real world. I was a troubled student and staying here helped me it a lot I really learned from my mistakes and grew as a person. While there is some work that could be done here,this is a pretty amazing school and a lot of opportunities are available.
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