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Appreciated the rigorous academic program from K thru 8th grade. This school does not lower the bar, but helps each student meet those challenges. They enter high school more than prepared academically, and they have a confidence about them that comes from Legacy’s curriculum.
The middle school could use a little more organization, and maybe a little more diversity in teachers’ college backgrounds; choose instructors from different universities/ colleges.
The elementary curriculum and teachers are ok. There are 2 classes for every grade. Within that, the grade levels are separated to advanced and grade level. I believe this is where the separation begins. There is no room for diversity and they have no idea what inclusion is. The school is homogeneous. The teachers and administration are pretty much the same, Mostly white, When approached about diversity, they have no answer. They would prefer to sponsor a school in Uganda rather than bring in children with diverse backgrounds. My child did well academically at the school. However, socially, it was awful. Because there was no inclusion, he felt like an outsider. His exact words" he felt inferior". Adolescence is a difficult time; however, compounded by the elitist, self-serving environment promulgated by the administration, it becomes more difficult. Legacy should place more emphasis on educating and equipping children for a diverse world.
One of the things that makes Legacy great is our teachers (classroom teachers, assistant teachers, enrichment teachers, and elective teachers). Every one of them possesses a deep love for each and every student that enters their doors…they encourage every student to be the best that they can be by using all of many gifts and talents that God has given them. In fact, we recently sent out a student survey, and all of the students responded that they 100% "agreed" that their teachers cared about them and expected them to do their very best.
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Best private school in Santa Clarita.
Grades K through 8.

Both our children’s attended Legacy. We couldn’t ask for a better education and foundation for our children’s future. The school’s staff is beyond talented and the teachers truly care about the students learning progress and daily lives. Our kids had fun everyday. Legacy teaches an advanced curriculum that is second to none.
Legacy is a blessing! The teachers and education are top notch. We also appreciate an environment for our son that not only encourages but lives positive ethical and moral values!! Can’t beat Legacy for an upstanding education all the way around!
I love that my kids are challenged academically while at the same time they learn life skills. The best part about Legacy is the teachers.
We are so happy that our children have had the privilege of attending Legacy Christian Academy (LCA) and have been an LCA family for nine years now. Legacy Christian Academy has caring teachers, a purposeful administration team, and the best science/math programs in the area. We believe in higher education and setting a strong foundation is crucial to succeeding in life. Thus, we wanted to give our children the best education possible while giving them the core values needed, and we have found that at LCA.

We have 3 boys who are currently in 10th, 8th, and 5th grades, all of whom have experienced LCA. Our oldest two boys have experienced the middle school program and are thriving! The Middle School Program at Legacy has built a strong foundation for our children. Our family has experienced the most wonderful education at Legacy Christian Academy and we love it!”
Saber (M.D.) and Fatin (Pharm.D.) Patrus
Wonderful class sizes, but the curriculum of the middle school is lacking. Great place for elementary school children. Overall a good experience.