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My experience at the mighty John L LeFlore Prepatory Academy was wonderful. I spent all four(4) years at this wonderful school and I loved every last year of it. The staff and teachers made the experience even better. They trained us, pushed us, worked us, and most importantly they made us who we are today. Saying my final goodbyes at John L on May 13th will be a emotional time. I'm proud to say I'm a proud student of John L LeFlore class of 2019.
I like that the honors program that they provide said honor students. The classes help us challenge ourselves and get ready for college. Things i would like to change at my school is the whole look of it. We are in need of extreme renovation but we often get overlooked for such maintenence.
My experience at John L Leflore magnet high was awesome. There isn't much diversity, also the teachers are good. The football team is ok, but Leflore also has a great basketball team and baseball. The academics are average. The safety at John L Leflore magnet is great. The honors classes and etc will help you get ready for college you can also take college courses. The facilities are average. The food is ok and there are plenty of resources but they need up-to-date books.
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My experience at LeFlore Magnent High School was a great one as, especially as I continue through my senior year. The teachers and administrators are always there to help when you need resources for colleges or for other classes, and the guidance counselors are always available and there to help as well. The life in the school supports and influences our African American culture so much with being your typical predominately black high school when it comes to the bands and organizations. I have been offered many opportunities through this school and I feel as if they are truly preparing me for my future.
I attended LeFlore for 4 years and, every year was a wonderful time. The teachers were very involved.
For the past four years i have attended John leflore magnet high school. It is a great experience and i have loved every bit of it. From the class room to the teachers and the teaching ability i love it all. I played football and threw all field events for our track team. We have a prestigious alumni who near and dear loves the school til this day.
My experience at John L. LeFlore HIgh School was unlike any other. Attending LeFlore really built my school spirit. The entire staff body treats you just like family. The students are very kind and easy to get along with.
I attended LeFlore Magnet High School for all four years. I participated in the band as well. LeFlore has great teachers that are willing to work with you when you need them. They also have four signature academies to choose from. If you choose one of the academy’s and do really well you would have the opportunity to possibly get hired on at the business that you did your clinical work at. LeFlore also has a variety of sports and clubs to be apart of. They really take pride in their students to make sure they receive the tools needed once they enter the real world. If your plans is to go to college or even into the military, the counselor is always available to help you get on the right track. I wouldn’t have chosen any other school.
I enjoyed my experience at Leflore. The principal, faculty, and staff actively engaged themselves with the students. I felt safe at my school as well. The only thing I would like to see change is the food they serve in the cafeteria.
Loved it here. Fun environment and great teachers. Lunch was also good. My favorite part about the school is the band. Best band in Mobile County Public School System. The pep rallies, talent shows, and games were fun!
Leflore Magnet High Schools offers a great Pre-Med program which gives students basic training in the medical field. During the course students go from training to working with actual patients. We also have a Pre-Law program which also gives training in the justice system. The students constantly have mock trials to better their skills. The Mighty Marching Rattler Band is a very big part of the school. Everyone loves coming to the football games and parades to watch the instrumentalists, the flag line, and the flag line. They are the pride of Leflore High School.
Leflore has been my home for the past four and i wouldn't trade it for the world. The biggest thing about it is the atmosphere. There is no diversity so everyone clicks with everyone. The clubs and athletics are part of what keeps the school running. The law and medical program are grest amd we have many students to get great jobs because at there certification from Leflore. It is a grrat school to attend and i would recommend it to everyone.
Overall, my experience at Leflore High School has been great. The teachers and staff are very helpful. One teacher in particular I will always remember. Ms. Debra Williams teaches 11th grade English and she taught me more about writing than all my previous english teachers. Because of her, I am a better writer. Because of Leflore I am a well rounded person, comfortable in my own skin and confident.
The teachers try to make high school as enjoyable as they can, plus most of the staff are Alumi.
Most teachers are understanding and are willing to help those who want to help themselves, on the other hand you have those teachers who could care less they came to teach and they don't care if your engaged or not.
What is so unique about my alma mater is that the media constantly tries to slander our name but no matter how hard the people label us as "reckless" , we have yet to be listed as a failing school of MCPSS. Every other mostly African-American school in my county has been listed as a failin school, meaning their ACT scores are not where they should be and that the students at those schools are not college ready. My favorite experience so far as a student a Leflore would be the classes that I have taken. They have prepared me for college.(AP/Honors/DUALEnrollment) I would totally chose this school again if I could because not only are we a institution, we are a rattler family. And the teachers and counselors as well as administrators put the importance of the student body first .
The overall quality of the teachers at John L Leflore is great. They are hard working and very genuine. Of course most teachers have different teaching styles but majority of the teachers make sure they go above and beyond for their students. Many incorporate technology in their teachings and others prefer hands on activities, it all depends on the teacher and the subject in which they teach. Many of the teachers are very knowledgeable and not only provide you with a curriculum but real world information that will help you be a successful individual. The teachers at my school ginuinely care for the students they are always there when a students needs to talk.
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The workload for students is normally dependent upon the classes that they take, whether it be regular, honors, or AP. Popular classes would include dance and art because students can be most creative during these times and use the classes curriculum as an outlet. Students are often encouraged to form out-of-class study groups to gain other opportunities at learning or understanding the class material from another perspective.
Not many students have a hard time being socially/racially accepted because LeFlore is a minority school. Student involvement is normally rather high, especially during football and basketball session. Peer pressure is not common amongst students because they usually have the same type friends that share in their like-minded interests.
Varies clubs like SkillsUSA, FBLA, and Culturama all aim to produce hard-working and well rounded citizens of society. Each organization instills a sense of discipline in their students as they prepare us all for the working world.
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