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Lee V. Pollard High School Reviews

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Lee v. Pollard was my favorite Campus I’ve ever been to throughout my high school experience. The school admin was super awesome and high spirited, I also loved how close you get with your teachers and end up being your best friend. 5/5 stars recommended
My experience in Lee Ve was excellent. There were a lot of nice students and teachers. The teachers helped my with my mental health and grades in school. I really wouldn't change anything about the school
I liked the teachers at Lee V. Pollard. Everyone was really motivated to complete their credits to graduate and it was an exciting feeling to receive a diploma in my hands. I wish I can go back!
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Great school;
I've attended here 2 years and enjoyed every moment of it. Many students that have attended here had difficulty in learning, but countless alumni's never gave up and strive to graduate high school. In all, the opportunity for this school is immense.
Lee v pollard is an amazing school!!!
If you want a second change lee v pollard is the right school for you. Since it's a small school every teacher cares and helps you so much❤
Before attending Pollard I truly was not a happy person. I felt as if I didn't fit in at my regular school and how will this one be different, but I love it. I have grown so much being a student here at Pollard High and I even has my Mom asked if I wanted to return to my old school. No way, was my response I am doing so well and am happier being a Pollard.
They had ROP classes after school. I took Digital Imaging. We had Apple Computers, and it was just the funnest class I had ever taken to earn extra credits.
The food wasn't great but it wasn't bad either.
The administration is great. They get pretty involved when something isn't right. They don't allow anybody to be getting hurt or mistreated at this school. Dress code, is as same as all of the other schools, they don't allow anybody to be showing too much that'll cause attention.
The teachers at Lee V. Pollard are amazing! They helped me a lot throughout high school. They're the type of people who believe in you and help you all the way to achieve your goals. Especially to graduate. I'd like to give a huge thanks to Mrs. Roberts, and Ms. Cole for always believing in me!
This schools faculty are unforgettable. I was almost about to drop out of school, because I couldn't get the material I was being taught in my previous school. When I transferred to this school, the Teachers were more determined and put in more effort in helping their students succeed.
I didn't eat lunch at school very often, but the school menus were usually healthy as well as delicious.
While attending, I didnt have much time to attend after school programs, but I saw many programs and clubs open to the students.
After graduation, I decided to take a break from school. I moved to bakersfield and got a job to save money to support my mother. Attending this school, definitetly gave me a lot more confidence and independence so that I could make it on my own.
Something I would most like to acknowledge, is the Acceleration Program. The curriculum, scheduling, and the Teachers are just about the perfect system to help kids catch up with required credits. The teachers work one on one with the students, giving everyone a much better understanding of what is needed.
Since Lee V. Pollard is a "Credit Recovery school" We do not have sport teams but, students still participate in their original school sport activities. And, when at pollard the diversity of schools and teams is surprising high. There is no diversity or competitivity between rival schools.
One out of four teenagers have tried some kind of drug at least once... But, that does not mean EVERY teenager smokes marijuana, drinks alcohol, is sexually active, etc. In my opinion, yes there are students who have engaged in these activities at Lee V. Pollard high school, just like any other High school across the country.
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From what I noticed while at this school, a large amount of parents are very much involved in their children's success, and goals to graduate.
I attended school with transportation of the bus, to and from, for the entire time I was enrolled. The buses were reliable, friendly and very secure in my experience.
This school has a strong system that works for all the students. The faculty is more than helpful with the students. Including, one on one work, more detailed explanations, very low rating of bullying, and the dress code and attendance I would say is more than satisfying in my opinion from my experience with this school. I attended a prior school before enrolling in this school, and the criticism changed dramatically when I transferred to Lee V. Pollard High school.
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